Friday, July 15, 2011

What's a Name?

So, I'm 34 & 1/2 weeks pregnant & this baby doesn't have a confirmed name yet.  
LOTS of people (including my husband) seem to think that is a problem.  
I'm not really sure why, but for some reason I cannot commit to a name for this little guy.  
When we were dating, we decided we would name our children:
Isaac Wayne or Jacqueline Rose 
Then, we got pregnant.  And, we decided that Tim already had a cousin named after Grandma Goetsch & that MAYBE Issac wasn't perfect for a boy either....
So we started playing around on  And we found Lucas....and we fell in love with it.  So, Isaac Wayne quickly became Lucas Wayne (to be called Luke) and we were happy.
Lucas:A boy's name of Celtic, Danish, Dutch, English, German, Greek, Irish and Latin origin that is found in the New Testament. Lucas is at an all-time popularity peak and is currently ranked #46 among the U.S. boys' names. Meaning: Latin: light; bringer of light
Wayne:A boy's name of English origin that has a country-western accent. Wayne was most popular in 1947 and is currently ranked #694 among the U.S. boys' names. Meaning: English: wagon maker. A short form of Wainwright.
We knew he was a boy and so we didn't even worry about a girl name.  (Even though Rebekah Jane was stuck in my head.)
Well, this time around, I had it in my mind that a name with Kay in it somewhere would be ideal for a girl, to honor my Mom....I was thinking like Kaylee or Kayla, with Jane still as my favorite middle name!
BUT, #2 turned out to be a boy (why?! oh why?!?!) and that just threw a wrench into my plans....
So, now we have to come up with a 2nd boy name, that will sound good with Lucas Wayne.  Hmm....
With that, we've hit a stand-still.  We have one definite name that we like and agree on, but I'm just not sold that the baby will be able to FILL it.  We're keeping it to ourselves until we make a decision because I don't want to hear anybody else's opinion.  
If that name doesn't "fit" the baby, we've got to have some back-up names to work with.
This is what we've got...
Benjamin:A boy's name of English and Hebrew origin that is found in the Old Testament. Benjamin was most popular in 1989 and is currently ranked #25 among the U.S. boys' names. Meaning: Hebrew: son of my right hand.
Isaac:A boy's name of Hebrew origin that has a timeless style. Isaac was most popular in 2007 and is currently ranked #37 among the U.S. boys' names. Meaning: Hebrew: he will laugh. Bible: the son of Abraham and Sarah.
Brian:A boy's name of Celtic, Irish and Scottish origin that has become a contemporary classic. Brian was most popular in 1972 and is currently ranked #87 among the U.S. boys' names. Meaning: strong; virtuous; honorable. History: Brian Boru was an eleventh-century Irish king and national hero.
So, with those names as inspiration (Lucas, Wayne, Benjamin, Isaac, and Brian) anybody have a suggestion for us??  
  • I really like the idea of keeping a 2 syllable first name with a 1 syllable middle name.  
  • I don't want him to have stupid initials, for example Benjamin or Brian Isaac would make BIG.  Um, no.  Because look at Luke, he's likely to be SMALL and that's just WRONG.  Initials that don't spell anything are great.  (TWG, LWG)
  • I'd like it to have a nice meaning, but its not high on the list when choosing.
  • Biblical is nice, but not required.  
  • It does NOT need to be a family name, but if it can honor someone that's awesome.

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