Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 21-28 Sunday Update!

July 21 Thursday
Between Dad & I, we made home-made chicken noodle soup for dinner.

Luke only took a 1 hour long nap & was quite cranky.

Mandy & Frankie came over for dinner & to visit.

July 22 Friday
Luke was a cranky-butt all day long.

Tim got off of work at 1:00.  I went grocery shopping in the evening by myself!

We had burgers & gravy for dinner.

Dad got a lot done in the kitchen.

July 23 Saturday
Tim had to work. :(  Dad worked in the kitchen.

I made stuffed artichokes for Dad & I for lunch around 3:00.

Chrissy came around 5 to drop Tyler off and then Dad & everyone left.

I got the border put up on 2/3s of Luke's walls....and then realized its not going to stick permanently to his textured walls.  So, we're rethinking that plan & Mom will help me finish it this weekend coming.

July 24 Sunday
Separate Post!

July 25 Monday
On Monday, Tim surprised me by coming home from work early!  Luke was asleep, so I worked on laundry.  I got a lot of the baby's stuff put away, but ran out of hangers!

After Luke woke up, Tim helped finish a few more chores & then around 5:30 we headed out.

We went to MacArthur Mall so Tim could buy the books he needs for class & then we went to Norfolk General Hospital to visit Tim's dad.

He had surgery and we were just going to say, "hi!".  Only, Peggy gave us the name of the wrong we hiked through the ENTIRE hospital only to discover that where we REALLY needed to go, was right by the main entrance.  Oops.

Anyway, I had some decent contractions while we were there, but it was just from all that walking!

After we left there (at 8 PM) we decided we were going to have to use a few dollars of our grocery money to get some fast food, so we hit up a KFC/Taco Bell combo store and ate.

July 26 Tuesday
36 Weeks Pregnant!
On Tuesday, I babysat Brianna, Ashley, and Carolynn.  It was a long and stressful day, with several spikes in my blood pressure.

I made all 4 kids play outside for about an hour in the morning, it was probably about 90* so not TOO miserable and there's lots of shade out there.

When they came in, I fixed them lunch (no easy task) and then put Carolynn down for her nap.
Luke and I showered together (to help me calm down & relax) and then I put him down for his nap.

I spent the first hour of his nap chit-chatting online with my sister-in-law.  Then I went to get some work done and ended up only folding a few receiving blankets, before Luke stirred, so I went in & laid down with him....and promptly fell asleep!

I slept with Luke for an hour & Tim got home shortly after I woke up!

Tim worked on the lawnmower for a while, I cooked some dinner.

Tim took the 4 kids for a walk around the neighborhood & I ran to Lowe's to buy a new spark plug for the lawn mower.  On the way home, I had to "rescue" the girls, because they were getting swarmed by some kind of gnats.  They all had bug spray on, but these bugs did not care!  Tim ended up running the last block home with Luke to get out of them!  (I didn't have a car seat or enough seat belts in the Corolla for Luke & Tim to get in the car too. :(

When we got home, Chrissy was waiting to pick the girls up and so they left.  Tim showered & then we all went to bed.

July 27 Wednesday
In the morning, I did the housework and then we left at 12:30 to go run errands.

I got the baby car seat all scrubbed & put the freshly washed pads on it too!

We went to McDonald's, two freecycler's houses and then we were done with our errand running and Luke was sound asleep.  So, I went to another McD's and just sat in the parking lot to use their internet before heading to my appointment WAY early.

Wednesday was my 36 week appointment, technically, 36 weeks & 1 day.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

I realized on the way, that Luke was born at 36 and 6 days, NOT 37 weeks and 5 days. How I got that confused in my head I'll never know, but I double-checked twice.

So, I am 5 days away from being at the same point when I delivered Luke!

I got to the appointment WAY early, but had to wait on Peggy & Tim to get there. We ended up being the last ultrasound of the day I think!

The technician was super nice & did all of her measurements & actually told us what stuff was (normally I have to ask). AND, the best part of all, is that for the last 10 minutes or so, she turned it to 3/4/D and did a bunch of face shots (just to get the good pictures!) in 4D! Woohoo! Normally this is something they charge for!

So, he's still a boy.  Its a picture of his junk.
Click the image to open in full size.

And measuring "average" even though all the measurements seemed behind to me. For example his belly was 34 weeks & some days, his leg was 35 weeks and some days, his head was 35 weeks and some days...nothing measured at 36 weeks.

Click the image to open in full size.

She didn't mention my fluids.

He is HEAD DOWN! His butt is right in the center of my chest with his back along my back. He's got feet in my left ribs & arms over his head.

Click the image to open in full size.

Other than being sunny side up, he is in a good position for me to possibly get a VBAC!

My BP was high again. 130something/88. I haven't had a "normal/normal" reading in over a week now...but nothing for them to worry about, no protein and no swelling.

Click the image to open in full size.

My fundal height measured 35 weeks.

My doctor WAS going to check me, but I asked him not to, its so uncomfortable & I was just checked Sunday & h
aven't had any more 'real' contractions since then. He was fine with that.

We got to talk a bit about the C/S....and basically I can't get what I want, to a certain extent but he's willing to work with me.

Click the image to open in full size.

July 28 Thursday
Today's agenda equals-
Regular housework
Regular laundry
Made sauce for dinner
Early to bed with a cranky, only slept for 50 minutes at naptime, Mr. Luke

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