Friday, July 8, 2011

Baby Brudder

So, my mama heart is just about as happy as can be right now!

Within the last couple days, Luke has taken a notice in my belly (which is actually starting to look QUITE pregnant) and has felt the baby move a few times.

This morning, just now, we were laying in bed.  I was trying to read and rest and Luke was climbing around me. He pulled my shirt up so he could see my belly and was patting it.  I was chit chatting with him about feeling baby brother, while he was pushing the baby around.

Then, he bent over (he was on his knees) and gave my belly a big slobbery kiss, without prompting, and said, "Baby!"

Aww, if my heart didn't melt into a giant puddle right then it certainly did about 30 seconds later!

I said, "Yeah, can you feel baby brother moving?"  And he grinned so big and wide and said, "Brudder!"


He LOVES babies, loves them, and although I know it is a hard concept for him to understand that there is a baby in my belly, I think he is starting to get it a little bit!

We've been telling him for MONTHS now that we were getting a baby brother and that he couldn't jump on my belly anymore because he'd squash his baby brother.  So, we've certainly been working on planting the idea into his brain.

He is so smart and loving, I am so glad he is my boy!

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