Monday, July 18, 2011

Luke's Current Diaper Stash

Luke's been wearing disposables for a few days, because his Mylanta gives him the runs.  (He's having a flare-up of his Sandifer's Syndrome.)  So, I managed to get all of his diapers clean & counted up.

Currently in rotation we have:

Fitteds (15):
11 MamG Pocket Fitteds
3 Soggy Bottom Baby Medium Fitteds
1 SBish Snapless Multi

Pockets/AIOs (23):
18 BG 3.0 OS Pockets (3 Moonbeam, 3 Twilight, 4 Clementine, 3 Butternut, 2 Grasshopper, 1 Ribbit, 2 White)
2 Thirsties Duo Pockets Size 2
Swaddlebees OS Pocket
Haute Pocket OS Pocket
Bottombumpers OS AIO

We also have 5 flats, about 10 toddler/premium sized prefolds, and a few PUL covers, that we really don't use.  Luke has 3 pairs of shorties & 1 soaker that we use when he wears the fitteds.  He also has one pair of fleece MamaG shorties!

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