Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tuesday July 12
34 Weeks Pregnant

Luke and I did our normal morning stuff.  Then we headed out to my 34 week check-up.  Luke got a little nap in before we got there. :)

I am up to 200 lbs now.  Only three more pounds to go before I am at my pre-pregnancy weight.  I'm sure I'll go over and I'm okay with that...I know I'll lose it after #2 is born & then in a couple years when I'm done nursing I can worry about what I weigh!  For now, its all about making milkies.

Dr. Morgan is quite pleased with my weight gain & seems to think its a good thing.  I personally think 8 lbs in 2 weeks is a bit much...I was happier with the 5 lbs in 2 weeks...but I guess when the only things  I seem to want to eat or keep down are pizza and snack foods, it is inevitable!

I let Dr. M know I am counting down the days to 37 weeks and that I'm still having contractions & in a lot of pain.  He said he's going to do an U/S on my next appointment, at 36 weeks and check out the baby's size & growth.  I'm excited to get to see #2 again & double check that he's still a boy.  (Miracles can happen.)

After the doctor's appointment we headed to Virginia Beach to check out the consignment shop for a swing for #2.  We still don't have one and I'm having a hard time finding one. :(

Then we went to the Wal-Mart in Greenbrier to get Tim's movie from Site-to-Store.  They ordered the wrong freaking movie though, which made me mad. Oh well.

By the time we got home, I was BEAT.  I left Luke with Tim & told them to fend for themselves for dinner while I napped.

Tim ended up making chicken & rice, which was good.

After dinner, Tim took Luke to the grocery store.  They didn't get home until 9:30.

While they were in the store, Luke was yelling, "Mom! Help! Mom!  Help!" with his hands on his cheeks!  It was cute (I could hear him on the phone).  Tim probably didn't think so as he was pushing him around the grocery store past his bed time...but oh well, we needed the groceries.

When Tim got home, he had to get the sink un-installed so that the counter guys could come Wednesday morning.

Wednesday July 13

Tim stayed home from work to meet with the counter guys.  He got up with Luke & let me sleep in a bit!  Yay!

After the counter guys left, I got up with the boy & Tim headed out to TCC.  He's officially a student again & will be taking one class this fall.

After he got things taken care of at the school, he went to work for the day.

Luke and I got the housework done, early, since Mom was coming in to babysit Luke.

We were in the shower when she showed up & he jumped right out to greet her!  He snuggled with her & let her get him dressed!

I quickly went through the run-down with Mom, leaving her with enough junk and plans to last all afternoon and raced off to the Virginia Beach City Hall.

Our church had come under attack and we were going to be showing support during a City Council meeting...I was a few minutes late, but I was in time to hear our case read and to be there.  After about an hour, we were voted through with "consent" and then it was time to leave.

I stopped by McDonald's for my own lunch & then Hardee's for some lunch for Mom on my way home.

We visited for about an hour before Mom had to head back to Emporia for the evening.

Luke took a nice nap and I relaxed a bit before starting chili for dinner.

After dinner, (I ate toast, Luke ate hot-dogs, Tim had chili-dogs) Luke and I went to Food Lion to get some groceries and some Mylanta for him.  Tim went for his daily walk with Wazowski.

Poor Luke has been having trouble with his GERD and Sandifer's Syndrome again.  It started a week or so ago, that I noticed him twitching more often, just little ticks, so I didn't think anything of them.  This week they have gotten completely out of control and are into full blow "siezure-like spasms".  The poor baby can't sleep unless he's being held in an upright position and is refusing to eat most anything, since he has caught on that eating hurts. :(

I've been in touch with his GI's nurse, but our wonderful Dr. K is out of town until Monday & there isn't much we can do until we see him.  He is booked solid, but I'm hoping he'll squeeze us in as an emergency visit, otherwise we're going to have to go to CHKD's ER on a day we know he is at the hospital doing rounds. :(  Either way, something needs done.  We've gone to absolutely no dairy, soy, or gluten for Luke...but I haven't cut them from my diet.  He gets SO LITTLE breastmilk each day, only nursing for about 5 minutes at nap & bed time that I don't know if its worth it, since I am eating so very little these days myself.

I've been having an especially hard time with the pregnancy, and am in constant pain.  My belly hurts all the time, my back, legs, hips, ankles, and feet hurt periodically.

My sprained thumb, wrist, and shoulder are all still sore and healing.  I'm exhausted from being up with Luke during the night and trying to keep up with some level of housework during the day.  I'm just ready for this baby to be here and the pregnancy part of things to be OVER.

After the grocery store last night, we all vegged out for a while before heading to be about an hour later than normal.

Thursday July 14
Today has been an extraordinarily lazy day.  I didn't get moving until after 11.  Even then I haven't vacuumed yet & its 4:15!  We have eaten and Luke's had a nap....but we haven't accomplished much else.  I had to hold Luke, rocking in bed for his entire hour & a half long nap, which hurts my back & baby belly, but my boy needed me, so what can I do?

ETA: We decided to go ahead & get a shower.  Luke's "swimming" in the bath tub. I think we'll play outside tonight while Tim grills the chicken.

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