Tuesday, July 26, 2011

GI Update

On July 20, Luke's GI doctor, Dr. Konikoff, managed to squeeze us in to talk about Luke's recent reflux flare up.

For about 10-12 days prior to the appointment we had been noticing Luke twitching a lot more.

He was having several different KINDS of spasms and some of them were quite alarming.

After talking with Dr. K he basically came to the conclusion that with the dosage of PPI (proton-pump-inhibitor) that Luke takes that he should NOT be able to produce enough acid to have the side-effects that he was having.

Dr. K seems to think that there is something else ("real" seizures) going on. :(  He wants to do some invasive tests to determine if acid is really the cause of Luke's troubles.

The first test we had already discussed and agreed to, the endoscopy.  Basically they will put him to sleep (it'll be his second time under full anesthesia) and insert a camera down his throat.  Dr. K will use that to examine him & possibly biopsy some of his throat tissues if he finds anything.

The 2nd test is a little more complicated.  While they have Luke sedated they will insert a tube down his nose and into his stomach.  (actually just outside his stomach)  This tube will have to stay inserted for 23 hours, and will track whether or not acid is being refluxed.  If Luke disturbs the tube, the test has to be restarted.  You can imagine how stressful/painful that is going to be for him & us.

And, the BEST part (huge sarcasm there) is that the procedure is scheduled for Sept. 7....so best case scenario #2 will be about 5 weeks old...worst case scenario, he'll only be 20 days old.  Either way, I'll be in a VERY stressful situation with my almost 2 year old with a TINY baby in tow.

Anyway, the stress of Luke's doctor's appointment caused me to have some pretty scary pre-labor signs, so I headed to my doctor & got checked out.  My BP was 148/100 but other than that I was okay.

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