Monday, July 18, 2011

Baby Countdown




Before we meet #2. 


Maybe, some of you have already realized this.  I think it is finally hitting me.  In anywhere from 2-4 weeks we will be having a baby.  A HUMAN BEING.  Another kid.  + ONE.  

We are so not ready.  NOT ready at all.  Oh I'm ready PHYSICALLY---I've been ready to be done being pregnant since about week 9....(tomorrow is 35)...but in every OTHER way, we are NOT ready.

In 15 days I will be 37 weeks, so technically full term.  The baby can come any time after that, though LATER is technically better (for the baby).  

In 32 days, it will be August 19, and if #2 hasn't made his arrival we'll be up bright & early for a scheduled repeat C/S.   

One way or another, in 32 days or less, we're having a baby. 

Any guesses on his birthday?  Tim is banking on our anniversary--5 years on Aug. 5.  

I did manage to get some work done today, on my baby to-do list, but not enough to cross anything off.  I went through SOME of the baby clothes in the "playroom" and got 2 huge baskets ready to drag out to wash.    I also went through Luke's closet & moved all of his clothes to one side (through the summer) and then put all the already hung-up/clean baby clothes on the other side (up to 6-9 months).  

I  moved the 9-12, 12, 12-18, and 18-24 months into the "playroom" closet so that they would be out of the way.  That is everything that Luke has outgrown (that was still on hangers).

I also moved all of Luke's winter clothes into the "playroom" closet, because there won't be enough room for more than one season of his clothes in the closet.  So, Luke's 18-24 month, 24, 2T, 3T, and even a few 4T clothes are hanging in the playroom as well.  We have a LOT of little boy clothes!

I did get the car seat taken apart & the cover washed, but I haven't found the infant inserts & I haven't scrubbed the actual plastic of the seat yet, so that's not ready for loading into the car.

I found a swing on Craigslist today.  That's pretty exciting.  It plugs in & is $10 cheaper than what I had budgeted!

Last night, while Tim was getting the corner desk set up in our bedroom, I got both bathrooms overhauled & cleaned.  I found our "travel" toiletries & went through all the baby medicines.  So, we're one step closer to being ready to pack our hospital bags.

So, we're making baby steps of progress....but still, we are SO not ready!  

Hopefully, we'll get some help with a few of the projects and such and things will all fall into place before #2 makes his arrival.

Either way, 32 days & counting down...

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