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Sunday Update: June 27-July 5

Monday June 27
The biggest news from Monday, was that Luke had his last Occupational Therapy visit.  Ms. Dana & Ms. Lori came out to do his evaluations and he tested above age-level in every area, which officially disqualified him from needing Early Interventions services any longer!

He scored at 22 months in every area except gross motor skills & communication skills.

In gross motor skills, he scored between 24-27 months--which is pretty darn awesome, since that is what initially he qualified for, way back when he was an itty bitty 9 month old just learning to crawl.  Now he can kick a ball, run, walk backwards, jump with two feet off the ground (without assistance & across distance), he can bunny hop across a room, and more.  He is definitely not hampered in ANY way by learning to roll over & crawl late.  (and he was walking by 11 months!)

In communication skills, he scored between 24-27 months as well!  They were so happy and surprised by his communication abilities.  He is such a talkative little thing!  He knows more words than I could count or list & says new things EVERY day!

In cognitive thinking skills, he scored at 22 months, but if he had done 3 more things he would have been able to hit the 24-27 month marker.  The things he could NOT do were: stack 7 one inch blocks, put the pieces in a shape puzzle, and mimic drawing a line and circle with a crayon or pen.  He could stack FIVE blocks and match the puzzle pieces (time and time again he matched them correctly) but he would NOT put the puzzle pieces down into their spots.  We don't really let him play with crayons or pens because he tries to eat them, so that one is kind of our fault.   We're not AT ALL worried that he can't do those three things and I'm sure by the time he NEEDS to be able to do them, he will.

One thing I was pretty surprised that he DID do, was match similar shape and color objects.  Ms. Dana laid out several objects in a variety of colors and then a couple objects in other shapes/colors and held up ONE matching one.  About 5 times Luke was able to match EXACTLY what she was holding up...and they were only looking for him to either match the color OR the shape, not both!  He's a smarty pants just like his Daddy!

We are so proud of our 20 month old baby boy and all that he has accomplished!

Tuesday June 28
32 Weeks Pregnant
On Tuesday, Mom and Dad came in for dinner.  Tim was supposed to help them look the truck over for hail damage, but for one reason or another it didn't work out.

We ended up having Mom, Dad, Mandy, Frankie, Tim and I all here for supper.  Dad grilled chicken, I made corn, and we had salad as well as red potatoes.  After dinner we had donuts for dessert!

Wednesday June 29
I had my 32 week check-up at 3:30 on Wednesday.  I gained another 5 lbs, which really made Dr. M happy.   I could have seen a little less on the scale & been happy, but at least it means #2 is growing!
And I'm still negative 11 lbs, so really I have room to go.

After my appointment I went to Wal-Mart and got a few groceries before heading to Tom & Peggy's house to visit with Loren & Heather & Grandma Wilson.

We had a LATE dinner and finally headed home around 9:15.  Luke and I were asleep LONG before Tim got home after midnight.

Thursday June 30
I'm not sure what we did during the day on Thursday.  After Tim got off of work, we headed to Virginia Beach to go to Rock a Bye and then Fuddrucker's for dinner.

At Rock A Bye, I got a Moby wrap for $20, but I had donated a bunch of things we weren't using, so it was all store credit for me!!  Yay!

At Fuddrucker's we met up with Grandma Goetsch & Auntie Linda, who had just flown in that afternoon.  Loren & Heather were there with her boys & the rest of Tim's family as well.

We had a good dinner but were cold the whole time.  As soon as we were finished eating, we headed to Tom & Peggy's house to visit for a bit.

We headed home around 8:30 and got the kiddo to bed at a reasonable hour.

Friday July 1
We were supposed to go to a surprise party for our dear Pastor Rachel on Friday night, but Tim was late getting home from work, so we didn't make it.  We decided to just eat left-overs and take it easy at home.

Saturday July 2

See separate post!

Sunday July 3

Sunday was a day of recovery for me.  While Tim was at church Luke and I took it easy and didn't do much of anything.  We relaxed and straightened up the house a bit but really we just laid around.

Around 5:00, Grandma Goetsch, Auntie Linda, Grandma Wilson, Tom, and Peggy all came over to the house.  We showed off the kitchen and then visited for a few minutes before heading to dinner.

We went to Cracker Barrel, thanks to Grandma Goetsch, and had a yummy dinner.  Luke ate pretty well and we had a good visit.

After dinner, we took Grandma Goetsch with us and headed to Tom & Peggy's.  When we got there, Chrissy was there to drop off Carolynn.  We had a short, final visit with them and then headed out at about 7:30.

We had to get some groceries, and since I didn't want to do it by myself, it had to be done then. :(  So, we all went to Super Wal-Mart.

I rode in the electric wheelchair & we got the groceries, but it was after 9:15 before we left the store.

Both kids fell asleep in the car on the ride home, but Carolynn woke up hungry (we came to find out she hadn't had any dinner) when we got home.

It was a LATE night, so we all hurried to bed.

Monday July 4

See separate post!

Tuesday July 5

Today has been a lazy day so far (and its after 4), so I don't see any real changes happening there!  Luke and I have done the housework & a little bit of laundry & played some too.  We took naps and have hung out at home, just relaxing after a long holiday weekend.

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