Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sunday Update: July 6-11

Wednesday July 6
I took a 2 hour long nap with Lucas.  And that's all I can remember.

Thursday July 7
Carolynn's 4th Birthday! (See post)
Luke and I went to Patient First in the morning, since I had fallen out of my computer chair Tuesday afternoon & still had LOTS of pain in the shoulder & arm.

The doctor didn't want to do x-rays though so he just sent me home with a "sprain" and a sling to wear until it felt better.

That evening, Tim and Luke went out for a LONG walk.

Friday July 8
Luke and I spent the morning cleaning.  Frankie showed up RIGHT after I got Luke to sleep, waking him up. :(

Mom & Dad showed up minutes later with Carolynn.  Mom, Dad, and Frankie left for a while and I had to feed the kids & get ready to go to the grocery store.

After a quick trip to the grocery store, we came home to cook dinner for the masses.

We had burgers in gravy, corn on the cob, and mashed potatoes.  It was a yummy dinner.

Mom & Dad left quickly after supper and Chrissy picked Carolynn up just a couple minutes later.  Luke was EXHAUSTED from no-nap but we managed to keep him awake until almost 8:40 so that was good.

Saturday July 9
We spent the morning getting the house clean & then Luke and I drove out to Heather's parents' house to pick up Tim's shoes.  We also swung by Amanda's house to pick up her gifts for Carolynn's birthday.

Then we drove home & picked Tim up.  While we were home I grabbed the mail!  #2's Coming Home romper was here!

Won't they be so cute?  Luke's matches but is not exactly the same...

He drove us to Wal-Mart so I could buy a couple gifts for Carolynn.

Then we went to her party.  Chrissy did a good job and the kids were all happy.

We went to the pool in her community at about 3:30 and let Luke swim for almost 2 hours.  He had a blast.  I am really happy with the life jacket I bought him & with how well he did with swimmies on in the baby pool!

After the party, we went to Tom & Peggy's house to look at Peggy's progress on #2's baby blanket.  It's a cute sock monkey blanket, but the pattern was written for acrylic yarn, which I don't like, so I bought worsted weight cotton.  I bought the proper yardage, so I didn't see a problem with the switch.  I LOVE the feel of a nice heavy cotton blanket and that's really what I'd prefer (if I can't have wool).  Peggy didn't think the cotton was working out, but I assured her I was happy with how it was working up. :)

After a short visit there, we headed out because it was supper time.  We grabbed some Subway & everyone filled up!

By the time we got home at 7:45, Luke was asleep for the night.

Sunday July 10

Sunday after naps, Luke & I went to Kangaroo Jac's to meet up with Amanda, Grayson, and Spencer.  Luke is free so I was willing to try it out.

It's a good thing we didn't pay for him, since he was scared senseless by ALL of the jump-jumps, even when I went in with him.  (which sucks when you are just about full term!)

That evening, Tim grilled burgers & Luke played outside with him!

Monday July 11
I spent all day Monday waiting on the mail man.  Seriously.  We did housework and nothing else except check the mailbox a million times!

FINALLY at 5:15 the substitute driver came & brought only ONE of the two packages I was expecting.  I was quite upset.  So I waited some more & when he finally came down the OTHER side of our street, I went out & asked him about my package.

The first package was my custom Tessa Ann Designs buttons to add to #2's Romper & Luke's Birthday Boy longies!

He was RUDE & said he definitely DID NOT have my package.

Yea, an hour later after he went back to the Post Office & scanned in his deliveries he must have found my package, because at 6:33 it was delivered to our house!

I'm still wondering if I'll get a call back from the LIVID email I wrote to the USPS.

We had home-made pizza for dinner & then Tim & Luke worked/played outside for about an hour.

Near bedtime, we went to 7-11 to get Slurpees.

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