Saturday, July 18, 2009

Update Post 3

Wednesday July 15, 2009
Wednesday was the first and only day Mom and Dad spent here. I had to get up at the butt-crack of dawn to go to Chrissy’s and get the kids. Frankie went with me & got us breakfast at Hardee’s. Do not go there for breakfast. It wasn’t even great & 2 chicken biscuits w/ one drink was $8! When we got to Chrissy’s he and I both planned on laying on the couch & going back to sleep/reading, but Chrissy let the kids sleep downstairs so there was no place for it, not to mention as soon as the door closed they all got up! ARGH. Of course, Brianna and Ashley woke Carolynn up and so we had all four kids eat and get ready to go. We headed home and the kids were OK on the ride.
When we got home, we spent a little while getting things ready/planning our day. Then we all loaded up and headed to Amanda’s work around 11:30. We spent quite some time swimming, Carolynn got all freaked out when Mom tried to hold her and then we ended up putting her down for a nap in Amanda’s office. Mom and I sat in the shade while she crocheted & the kids played/fought. The pool was dirty & I just wasn’t feeling it. Around 2:15ish, we headed home with the kids.
When we got home, I let the big kids play on the Wii and Carolynn played with Dad while Mom and I showered. I fed the kids lunch (PB & J) Then, Mom and Dad went out birthday shopping for Carolynn and I rested on the couch while Frankie watched Caro.
When Mom and Dad got back we got all the birthday presents wrapped and started getting ready for the big dinner we were making.
Getting dinner prepared was a fiasco, as it always is, but the bigger fiasco started during dinner. Chrissy decided to pick a fight w/ Dad about why she couldn’t have a pager when she was 16 but Frankie got a cell phone without even asking. Then she started ranting about how we were all raised differently, her same old crap. Dad got upset (rightfully so) and started yelling and cursing. Amanda got involved a bit too and I stayed out of it. It all ended w/ Dad attempting to take Frankie & leave (but Frank couldn’t find his shoes) and so Dad just went out to let off steam.
We went on and did Carolynn’s birthday and then Chrissy left. Amanda left with Grayson and Spencer and then me, mom, and Frankie were left to stare at each other. We predicted correctly that Dad would want to leave the next day and discussed what we were going to do. We watched “Bananas-Comedy Show” on DVD and just sat around until Dad finally came home after 9:00.
By 11, we were all in bed for the night.

Thursday July 16, 2009
Thursday sucked major-big-time. Mom and Dad got up and Dad decided that because Mom and Frankie were going home with him, that they were just going to leave early in the morning and he wasn’t going to go visit his friends. I had figured we’d have at least a little time to visit before they left.
So, we got their stuff all packed up and loaded and then they left at 9:30. Honestly from about 9:30 until at least 1:00 I was a mess. Crying, bawling, just laying in bed staring at the wall, and over all just feeling miserable. A lot of my feelings were from the RAGE I was feeling towards Chrissy, the injustice that I felt towards Dad, and the poor-me-pity-party I was having because I put SO much work into getting the house ready for them & then we spent so much on groceries just for dad and Frankie.
Around 1:00 I decided to get moving and got a tiny bit of housework done, showered, and got headed to Virginia Beach. I had to go to the YMCA in Virginia Beach to drop off the kids’ swim suits and then I headed to Norfolk to go to my 24 week check-up. It was just a check-up, nothing exciting but I was disappointed even further when we left.
I weighed in at 189 lbs. down 1 lb from last week’s Bunco! My blood pressure was normal/perfect. Then Doctor M. checked my fundal height, or the size of my uterus, and it was measuring “23 almost 24 centimeters”, which I know is a little behind. I should have been 24 almost 25 cms. He checked on Luke’s heart rate and said it was fine but didn’t tell me what it was, just that it was nice and strong and the baby is healthy.
When we went into his office he asked me about my eating habits and why I was now -8 lbs since getting pregnant. (According to him) I told him I was trying and that I was eating, it’s not MS anymore. He asked what I had for lunch & of course I hadn’t eaten because I was feeling miserable. He said ok, how about breakfast, which I had ICE CREAM for breakfast! I was upset. But, I told him that wasn’t normal and that I normally have a big glass of milk & cereal for breakfast. He said it’s time to start gaining some weight and if I need to drink Boost or add protein mix to my drinks to do that.
So, I was feeling thoroughly chastised when we left there to head home. I stopped at 7-11 and bought $8 worth of comfort food, including a Twinkie which was just as gross as I knew it would be, but it LOOKED so darn good! I ate my munchies on the ride home and when I got home started a pot of sauce with Mom’s meatballs for dinner. It was super yummy, even though we didn’t get to eat until after 8:00!
Tim and I just putzed on our computers for the evening until dinner time and we watched some Dexter. Then we went to bed.

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