Saturday, July 18, 2009

Update Post 2

Monday July 13, 2009
I had Chrissy’s kids to take care of on Monday. All four kids is a ridiculous mess and I can’t imagine ever having 4 children. I spent the day getting them bathed, dressed, fed, and trying to keep them from killing each other or one of my dogs. Brianna annoyed me A LOT. Carolynn was as sweet as ever and made me smile. Tony managed to stay to himself most of the day.
The afternoon was spent searching for Carolynn’s practically brand new sandals which may or may not have been thrown away. Tony says he saw them in the trash but didn’t bother to take them out. WTF?
Anyway, Chrissy came to get them around 3:30 or 4 and I was happy to see them go!
When Tim got home, we went for a bike ride and then came home and ate salad. After dinner we ran to Food Lion to get a couple things we needed.
When we got home, I played SIMS 3 and then we went to bed.

Tuesday July 14, 2009
I had my first day of jury duty on Tuesday. I got up super early and headed over to the Chesapeake Court House. We sat around in a big room at first. Then, we watched a “how to be a juror” movie. After that we were lined up in our groups and escorted to the court room. The case I was on was a Civil case and I was Juror Number 1. The judge asked a few questions of all of us, and then the lawyer asked us all a few questions. I got to answer one, because I was sued when I was 17 years old for $100,000!
After the voir dire (questioning) the lawyer & the other guy (he was representing himself) narrowed down our group of 18 to a group of 7 jurors. Those of us who weren’t chosen were then allowed to leave! It was about 11 when I got out of there. I rushed home and started on the housework. I still had a lot to do before Mom and Dad got into town.
I also drove to VB around 2 and picked up the kids, because Chrissy was SUPPOSED to have an evening job. But, lo and behold, she called around 3:30 and said she’d be at the house around 6:30 to meet Mom and Dad. Um, WTF? I only went and got the kids b/c her babysitter won’t watch them after 6:00. Then she didn’t even have work. Oh boy I was LIVID. So, then I had to deal with the kids, feed them dinner (tuna casserole), and all while getting the house clean enough for Mom and Dad.
When Chrissy found out how late they were going to be, she went ahead and took the kids home rather than waiting on them.
It ended up being after 8 before they got to the house but we had all the work done that HAD to be done. We helped them unload the truck and then just sat around visiting until bedtime.

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