Thursday, July 23, 2009

Luke is MOVING!

Hee yea, he's been moving for weeks. BUT, about 3-4 days ago, he started kicking hard enough that you don't have to apply any pressure. You can just rest your hand on my belly & feel him move/kick all over the place.

If you do put a little pressure on him, then he'll move to your hand and kick you wherever you are!

BUT, the best-est ever thing happened tonight! While I was at the pool with Ms. Moose (Debbi) she said she had seen the baby moving!

So, when I got home & out of my swimsuit I laid on the bed & watched & I could SEE him moving too! He kicked a couple times & we could really see the kicks and we also could see him bopping around in there! Tim even saw it, so I know it wasn't my imagination!

Anyway, this is exciting & I'm so in love!

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