Friday, July 10, 2009

Boring Ole Update Post

Tuesday July 7-
I did housework. Then I met Amanda at Michael's. We got the paper for the invitations to the baby shower! Fun stuff!

Wednesday July 8- I did housework, including steam cleaning the carpets in the office. Then I had Bunco. I stayed out late & won 2 prizes. I got to play with/snuggle little miss Lily and that was great!

Thursday July 9-I got a TON of housework done, including re-doing the center of the office carpet, steam cleaning the hall way twice, cleaning the entire living room (remember the mess?), and moving my desk across the office.

Friday July 10- Not much going on today, I ran a few errands this morning and haven't done much more than the basic housework that I do everyday. (dishes, laundry, vacuum)
Tonight the census lady will be back to do her report with Tim.
I'm super tired & sore from yesterday, so I don' t have high hopes for today!

Upcoming Plans:

Saturday July 11- We'll hopefully do housework/garage cleaning, including a trip to the dump for Tim & his dad.

Sunday July 12-Tim's running sound for the 8:30 service & I'm the liturgist for the 9:45 service, so we have to make it to church this weekend.

Monday July 13-I'll have Chrissy's kids, because Mom & Dad are driving down. I don't know what I'll do with them, but it will probably involve cleaning house!

Tuesday July 14-Possibly jury duty, Mom plans on taking the kids to the pool at Amanda's work so if no jury duty that's where we'll be

Wednesday July 15- Free movie day at Greenbrier 13 w/ the kids & maybe Ms. Moose & her daughters

Thursday July 16- Beach day! We're planning on going to the beach with the kids & maybe Melanie & her kids. I have my doctor's appointment at 3:45 and we'll all go to that. (We'll probably go to Chrissy's shower/change & then go to my appointment after the beach.)

Friday July 17-Corn picking w/ Mom & the kids (I don't go in the fields, but we'll go along to help mom carry stuff & shuck the corn.)

Saturday July 18-If Mom and Dad are still here, we'll probably go swimming or do something fun. If Mom & Dad leave, Tim and I will probably do housework or relax!

Sunday July 19- Church in the morning & babysitting in the afternoon

Local folks, if you see something you want to come along with, just let me know!

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