Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Update!

Sunday July 19

This Sunday was a pretty awesome day. We went to church in the morning for the “Voices of Youth” service. After that we went to A.C. Moore and bought the L and K for Luke’s name letters in the nursery.

Then we went to McDonald’s and got some lunch. From there we headed to Norfolk to go to the Masonic Lodge of Norfolk. One of Tim’s friends, Gene, is in a quartet & the Commodore Chorus. (He’s one of the ones who came to sing for me on Valentine’s Day, remember?) He had invited us to an Ice Cream Social and concert, so away we went.

It was a good time. The music was great and entertaining. They had Cold Stone Ice Cream too!
Afterwards, we headed home. I took a nap for about an hour. When I got up it was time to go to Melanie’s to babysit.

We had pizza rolls for dinner and watched the kids. It was late when Melanie got home, so we headed straight home & to bed.

Monday July 20

Monday was my first day of day-care! The kids showed up right around 7:15 am and I got them breakfast. I made a million phone calls about insurance and other things. Then after lunch, we headed to the Chesapeake City Park and to pick up an Incrediblock from Freecycle. (I have one but the sound doesn’t work on it & this one works, so now I have two!)

When we got back to the house, Tim got home a little bit later, and then we all played Guitar Hero & Rock Band until the kids’ dad showed up.

After that Tim and I ate leftovers for dinner and watched “Dexter” until bedtime.

Tuesday July 21

On Tuesday the daycare kids and I went to Melanie’s to swim. It was about 11 when we left the house & about 2:40 when we got back to the house. The kids ate a quick prepacked lunch & then we raced to Cinema Café for the 3:00 showing of “Monsters Vs. Aliens”.

It was cute & I think it’s worth buying someday. When we got home, we only had a little while to kill before their dad showed up.

I can’t remember what Tim and I did or ate so it must not have been noteworthy! I think this is the night I saw Luke moving & that really was the highlight of the night.

Wednesday July 22

Wednesday morning I did some housework while the kids played/watched a movie and then we headed out around 9:10 for the 10 am “free” movie at Greenbrier 13. We met up, unexpectedly, with Ms. Moose and her girls, so I quickly changed our movie-pick from Kung Fu Panda (which all 3 of us had seen) to Everyone’s Hero which none of us had seen. It was also cute & I really think Mandy & J.C. would get a kick out of it, since it’s all about the Yankees.

On the way home, we drove past the bank & the library. I let the kids get a book each and I got 7 all about breastfeeding/pregnancy/delivery/newborn care.

Then we went home and ate lunch and the kids played for a bit.

Around 2:15 we headed out to Virginia Beach to go to A.C. Moore for their Arts & Crafts make and take. Both kids enjoyed that & I used my 3 50% off coupons to buy the rest of Luke’s nursery letters & a rocking chair for Great Grandmom to gift to Carolynn.

When we got home the kids went and played in the playroom, while I started cooking dinner. Amanda and Tim both were home & wanted to eat around 6, so Tim could go to church for sound practice.

After the kids, Tim, and Amanda left I enjoyed a couple of quiet hour’s home alone, oh how I miss my home alone time!

Thursday July 23

Thursday morning the kids and I headed out bright and early (around 9) to Chesapeake City Park. I let them play for about 2 ½ hours and then we headed home for lunch.

Ms. Moose called around 12:45 and said she was up for swimming, so we made plans to meet at Amanda’s work at 2:15. I fed the kids lunch & then we all got dressed & headed to the pool.
We stayed there until almost 5:00 and when we left the kids’ dad was already at the house! So, we got home as quickly as we could & the kids headed out!

I again don’t remember what Tim & I did for the rest of the night!

Friday July 24

On Friday we didn’t have any concrete plans so the kids spent the morning playing and watching movies while I did housework.

Melanie e-mailed that we could come swimming so I got them fed & changed & sunscreened & headed over to her house. Unfortunately, during that time she got hit w/ a pretty bad migraine, and had to change our plans. We understood (at least I did having suffered them myself for so long) and quickly got the kids back into their regular clothes & out the door to be less of a bother to her!

We headed first to Tabitha’s house to see little miss Lily and to pick up a Discovery Toys catalog. We can’t afford any of the toys right now, but she’s starting out as a salesperson so I’ll try to support her if I can! We stayed there for about an hour.

After that we headed to 7-11 to get some drinks & then to Mt. Trashmore. The kids played on Kids Cove for about 2 hours while I sweltered in the heat!

We left there just in time to head to Cheeseburger in Paradise & get Grayson and Spencer.
I rearranged the car & got all 4 kids safely buckled in & then we began the almost hour long trek home.

When we got home, J.C. pulled in right behind us to pick up the boys.

The daycare kids entertained themselves in the guest room until their dad showed up.

Around 7:45 Chrissy showed up w/ Little Miss Carolynn Rose and we got her cleaned up & dressed to go out. We headed to Hardee’s where we all shared 1 combo meal & a pack of nasty nuggets. I ended up ordering an extra order of fries b/c the nuggets were gross.

On a pregnancy related front, I think I’m having a touch of morning sickness again. Nothing seems to taste good to me & I sometimes feel like I’m going to puke on what I’m eating. So, I’m going to break out the nausea pills & see if that helps me eat more tomorrow, because I HAVE to gain some weight! I’ve been trying to make sure I eat at least 3 times a day, but sometimes it’s just a couple hard boiled eggs & that’s just not enough for a 26 week pregnant mama!

After Hardee’s we went to the Food Lion for chocolate syrup. I CRAVE milk. I’m pretty sure it’s because of that Vitamin D deficiency & the fact that I suck at taking my prenatals. So, we got the syrup, so I could start drinking milk again & between Caro & I we drank almost a whole gallon in 24 hours! We also got 2 more boxes of Rice Krispies for BOGO.

When we got home it was Carolynn’s bedtime so I put her down & Tim and I putzed on our computers before heading to bed.

Saturday July 25

On Saturday morning Tim got up and mowed the grass. We had noticed Friday night that my fish weren’t doing so well, so I got their tank cleaned and a 25% water change done. I also set up a hospital tank for the sick fishie. I think he has Dropsy. (It’s where the swim bladder gets infected & they can’t swim correctly.) I also got Carolynn fed, dressed, and made pancakes for breakfast.

Tim fixed a lamp and Carolynn and I did some housework. Then Tim and I got showered & we headed out to run a couple errands.

We bought medicine & dog food at Petsmart & paint & a brush at Michael’s (for the nursery letters.)

When we got home we had lunch and then put Carolynn down for her nap.

While she napped Tim and I putzed around and did much of nothing.

When she got up, we got dressed & ready to go to Amanda’s pool at 6:00. We met Amanda, Grayson, and Spencer there and had a blast watching the babies swim!

When we got home (around 8:00) I made tuna casserole for dinner & then bathed Carolynn. I got her put down & then shortly after Tim and I headed to bed to read for a couple hours.

Sunday July 26, 2009

This morning Tim and I got up early and got ready for church. Carolynn woke up on her own around 8:30 (like normal) and I got her dressed and set up eating oatmeal and then hopped in the shower.

We headed to church, Tim had to run sound for 9:45, so Caro & I sat in the cry room.
Then we all three went to the 11:15 service. Afterwards we dropped a sleepy Carolynn off at home & Tim put together the rocking chair from Great Grandmom.

When we left there, we headed to I-Hop for some late lunch. I ate and ate and ate!

After I-Hop we came home. It was around 3:15 when I decided to take a nap, since Tim wasn’t in the mood to watch “Knowing” (our current Netflix movie).

I slept until 6:00 and since then I’ve just been working on this blog! I’ve got a bad headache & I’m a bit dehydrated (all I had at lunch was soda, bad me!) and so I’m chugging some water while I type.

We’re having hamburger helper for dinner & MAYBE we’ll watch the movie tonight!
I got great news this evening too, my daycare kids won’t be here tomorrow! So I’ll have the house to myself to sleep in, get housework done, paint, work on my invites, and more! Oh what fun I’ll have!

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Smellyann said...

Yay for no kids tomorrow! WHy not? Does that mean you'll get paid less?

Sorry about Friday.

My Palm is dead, but I think I'm free all week for swimming if you want to go. Just let me know :D