Monday, July 6, 2009

Update & Calendar

Sunday was a pretty good day! We got rudely awoken by Lindsey dropping off the boys. We forgot to set the alarm & waking up to Wazowski's barks is not fun! (That was around 8:40.)

So, Tim made homemade pancakes & scrambled eggs for breakfast, I bathed the boys & straightened up the house and we ate breakfast. Shortly after breakfast it was nap time for the boys. They went down around 11:15.

While they slept Tim and I relaxed and played around on our computers.

When they got up, we had lunch, showers, and then rushed out of the house to go to James & Missy's house.

We were late, as usual, but they didn't mind. Tim and James headed out to pick up & move a refrigerator. Missy and I kept the three boys at home & had a grand-old-time chasing them around & attempting to make them be nice to each other.

Missy went out for pizza and that was a good dinner followed by brownies, I had baked during the day.

After dinner the boys started their melt-downs so it was time to head home & to bed. We put the boys to bed & then Tim went to bed around 10 & I went to bed around 11.

Lindsey showed up at 1:45 (way later than expected) and picked the boys up.

Next 2 Weeks So Far:

Monday July 6-Housework & Tim's going to Melanie's after work
Tuesday July 7-Housework & Tim's going to James & Missy's after work (and me & Amanda are going to Michael's)
Wednesday July 8-Housework & Bunco at Melanie's
(Tim has an important meeting at work)
Thursday July 9-Housework
Friday July 10-Jury Duty (Because I report on Tues & Friday I don't start on Thursday like I thought.)
Saturday July 11-Housework
Sunday July 12-Tim running sound for 8:30 service

Monday July 13-
Tuesday July 14-
Wednesday July 15-
Thursday July 16- Dr. Appointment
Friday July 17-
Saturday July 18-
Sunday July 19-Babysitting

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