Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday Continued A Pregnancy Update

Around 2:00ish I decided to take the kids out to do a couple errands & get ice cream.

So, we went to Lowe's and I was going to get a bag of cement (to make stepping stones) and before we got to the cement aisle I had another contraction.

It seriously knocked me off my feet. I had to grab onto a display case & bunch over to get through it. It lasted a minute or so & then I could just breathe through the pain. We hobbled to the cement aisle, got someone to load it up & out to the truck. (The guy in the store did all the moving, not me.)

I called my doc then, I had tears in my eyes & my stomach was still aching! I explained to them about the 2 last night & that basically any time I got up to do housework today (dishes, make the bed, fix lunch) I had another one & how painful they were. They said to go to Labor and Delivery.

So, I made phone calls (Tim, Mandy, my mom, the daycare kids' dad) and headed to the hospital. The kids got their ice creams, but I didn't get one b/c I can't eat it & drive.

We got to the hosp & I was getting checked in at L & D when the doctor called me back & said to just walk to his office instead of being seen in L&D.

So, we left there & walked through the medical complex to my doctor's office. I had to wait a bit while they cleared out the rest of the afternoon patients. Mandy showed up to keep the kids & Tim showed up to sit with me.

They took me back & put me on a monitor. They were able to get Luke on there for a few minutes before he squirmed out of the way. I didn't have any contrax. while we were there (but I didn't expect to, b/c I'd been sitting or laying for 30 mins.+ at that point).

Dr. M came in & did a fetal fibronectin to test for preterm labor. He said most likely it's BH, and my cervix wasn't dilated at all, but b/c they were so strong/painful, he wants to be sure.

I'm supposed to be on bedrest until I hear from him, so I'm going to go back to reading Harry Potter in bed here pretty soon!

So, that was my fun & eventful afternoon. I'm pretty sure they're BH like everyone said, but they are SO painful, maybe I'm just a wimp! But, I had to be sure and I'll feel better when Dr. M calls tomorrow to tell me I'm fine & to quit being a wimp!

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