Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Update!

Well, here's a weekend re-cap for ya!

Friday night-had the boys, watched "Transformers"

Saturday day- bummed around and did nothing. It was great!

Saturday afternoon- got the boys, they both slept so for a couple hours we only had none or one of them awake! I got the mood to cook & clean so I did that. I made chili, cheese dip, and corn bread.

Saturday night- We watched "In Her Shoes" and tried to get both boys to go to sleep. Lindsey was late and so we went to bed. Grayson was still awake but laying in the bed, so we turned the monitor on & I went to sleep. He eventually fell asleep. Lindsey showed up at 1:15.

Sunday morning-I slept in. Tim went to church. Then we did nothing for a while. Then we went to the air port to get Amanda and J.C. When we got back she gave us a Mike Wazowski mug for Tim and a reusable grocery bag from Disney for me! (yay!) I also looked at some of her pictures and showed her the video of Spencer's first steps!

Sunday afternoon-Tim and I went to Target, where we got Starbucks and spent a bunch of money. (Cash from our babysitting! Yay!) We got Trevor's birthday present, some stuff for Amanda, and some stuff we needed too. Then we went to Babies R Us and finished our registry off. (at least the part we were doing in store) I still need to go online and make sure we don't have duplicate items and check over what all made it on there. Then we walked over to Best Buy. We got the Sims 3 pre-sale package and a cable so we can listen to Tim's Zune in the living room. Then we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. All the money we spent today was cash from babysitting, so that's great!

Sunday night-Right now we're doing nothing but we're getting ready to head to bed (yes at 6:45) to either read or watch a movie before actually going to sleep pretty early. I'm reading Harry Potter to Tim, so we can be refreshed on the books before the new movie comes out in July. (Yea, we'll spend the 3 million dollars to go to the theater to see it!)

So, that's the weekend recap.

This week is going to be a busy one:


Dr. Appt. at 3:45 for Quad Screen bloodwork

Girl Scouts (only 2 meetings left this year, so we have a lot to do at this one!)

Tuesday-babysitting for Melanie & going over to Chrissy's house to go through Caro's baby toys before Chrissy freecycles them.

Wednesday-nothing on the books...

Thursday-nothing on the books, unless Melanie wants me to babysit again?

Friday-nothing on the books...

Saturday-Trevor's birthday @2

Sunday-Beth's birthday at Tom and Peggy's after church

Oh and if you're wondering about the lovely picture up top...that's some guy who was at Disney World when my family went in 2004. Yea...interesting.

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Smellyann said...

I'll let you know about Thursday. Not sure yet what we've got planned.

Cute guy at the top! ;) lol