Sunday, May 31, 2009

Catching Up....a real live Sunday Update!

Friday-May 29-Fun Day (carnival at school) Totally beat, came home and went to sleep!

Saturday-May 30-James and Missy's House-We had a good time just hanging out. Missy, Christy (another friend) and I went to the mall & Target and walked around. I got a new pair of flip flops & a new bathing suit! We had shish-ka-bobs off the grill and played Wii. Tim, Pete, and James went and saw Star Trek in the morning. Trevor is the cutest kid currently in my life & we love him to pieces! At one point I asked him to say "Thank You" and James was like, "did you just correct my kid?" I said, "yep!" Missy said, "nope, she just corrected her godson! " Aww...that might be the first time Missy has called him MY godson, in 2 years. Technically, Tim is the godfather & another girl named Jennifer is the godmother...but we're more involved in his life. Trevor was ALL about his Auntie Stevie this weekend!

Sunday-May 31-Slept in until 11:30, putzed around the house until 12:30, cleaned a bit, bummed, ate egg salad for lunch and am currently making chicken wings & fries for dinner. I managed to get laundry done, and put away, the guest room straightened & vacuumed, we closed the vent in there & are keeping that room closed off for now, vacuumed our room, the hall, and the living room, & swept the kitchen. Tim played Half Life 2 and beat the whole game today & now he's doing the mountain of dishes. Fun stuff. At least the house isn't a stinky pig sty anymore!

(16)Monday-June 1--I am SERIOUSLY behind on getting the Girl Scout Court of Awards together. I really think I'm going to skip the ceremony & just have a party & give out the awards. I've not got it in me to do much more! I'll be at work late & will miss my now regular afternoon nap. Wish me luck!

(15)Tuesday-June 2 SIMS 3 COMES OUT! I plan on getting the game on my way home from work & then doing nothing. I wish I could skip work this day & just play, play, play, but I need to be there to remind my kids about the field trip.

(14)Wednesday -Luray Caverns field trip from 5:15 AM-6:00 PM

(13)Thursday-June 4 Youth Ambassador's Program

(12)Friday- June 5- Going to have the boys most likely

(11)Saturday-June 6-Relay for Life all day, going to have the boys most likely

(10)Sunday-June 7-Nothing planned, will probably have the boys, Mel, you wanna swim?

(9)Monday- June 8- My free day off! Sims 3 and I have a date!

(8)Tuesday-June 9-Graduation practice at school...I must go to work!

(7)Wednesday-June 10-Graduation Ceremony & Prom at school...agh, I am so not ready!

(6)Thursday- June 11-1/2 Day

(5)Friday- June 12-1/2 Day Happy Birthday Chrissy!

(4)Saturday-June 13-Washington D.C.

(3)Sunday-June 14-Possibly Busch Gardens, Happy Birthday Timmy!

(2)Monday- June 15-1/2 Day

(1)Tuesday- June 16 1/4 Day (dismiss at 9:45) Last day of work! Wahoo!

Wednesday- June 17--ULTRASOUND!!!!!!! at 8:30 am!

Thursday-June 18- THROUGH Tuesday-June 30
Get my house ready for a day-care! Look for kids & possibly a part time job! Prepare for Colorado...

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"Trevor is the cutest kid in my life right now..."

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I think we're busy on the 7th.