Friday, May 22, 2009

End of Week 16 Update

So..I lied. My energy is NOT back. I am still occasionally getting nauseaus.

My house is a mess once again.

I'm too tired to do anything.


Make me clean something. It needs done!

So far I have cleared off the coffee table, taken out the trash, washed a load of laundry, and straightened up a bit in the living room. I'm avoiding the kitchen but it's 8:00 and I should probably make some dinner. It's stinky in there though & it's irritating my stomach! Wah! Tim is outside cleaning his truck. Apparantly a baby bottle spilled in there last week & that's just gross. We are taking the truck tomorrow morning to go strawberry picking, so he wanted to get it cleaned for us. Wish us luck. We have plans to be in Pungo at 7:00 am! We also need to pick 25 lbs for Amanda, 15 lbs for Mom, and 25 lbs for me! Sixty five pounds of strawberries!

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