Saturday, May 30, 2009

Busy Bee

Well, today's been somewhat productive.

We woke up took some "encouraging" from Tim but I finally got up around 7:30.

Tim showered & headed to WaWa and Farm Fresh. We needed eggs, water, and milk, and he bought breakfast at WaWa.

When he got back, I made some scrambled eggs for me & we played with baby names for a bit. We were supposed to do it yesterday but I was too worn out from Fun Day at school. (Just the heat-I didn't do anything & I drank water & gatorade like a crazy person!)

Then he had to leave to go to the movies to see Star Trek w/ James and another friend. I spent a lot of time online, doing much of nothing. The new Sims 3 comes out on Tuesday & OMG I cannot wait! We got to play a preview of it at the mall last weekend & I about fainted!

When I got off the computer (around 10) I spent about 30 minutes reading Harry Potter 3 (making my way through the series to get ready for the July new movie release!) and laying in bed some more.

Then I got up, got somewhat dressed (shorts & a sports bra--I'm hot!) and started cleaning.

I got all the toys off the floor/bed in the nursery & got it cleaned up & ready to vacuum. I straightened up my bathroom & got it looking decent. I straightened up our bathroom & got rid of all the trash. I made the bed & got all the clean clothes in our room piled up to be put away. I got all the dishes out of the bedroom & office, piled up and ready to go to the kitchen. I got all the trash out of the office and back of the house. Our bedroom, hall, and nursery are all ready to vacuum. I straightened the living room & got it ready to vacuum too. I didn't do much in the kitchen except put away food where I could & clean up the trash.

Anyway, I'm ready to get a shirt on, brush my hair, and head to Missy's house. Tim is probably out of the movies & on his way back there by now too!

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Rachael said...

productive is good :) i haven't done much at all today...yet anyway :)