Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tired...and still in shock

Wow. I'm having a baby. There is a real live human being inside of me! It's still pretty shocking & I'm feeling pretty overcome by it today.

I'll be 16 weeks on Monday. That's so crazy! I'm officially in maternity pants, there's no way I'm getting back into my regular jeans any time soon.

Wednesday I got a migraine, complete with the visual aura and all about 8:30 in the morning. I called the doc, they wanted me to come in, Tim came to get me and off we went. We went to the doc. Tim got to hear the baby's heart beat on the doppler and then the doc said we needed to go to the ER.

So we walked next door (how convenient) and waited for 3 hours to be seen. Then when they finally saw me, they gave me something in my IV that made my blood pressure crash & knocked me out. It was a couple hours later before I was up and able to go home.

We got home around 5:00 and I went straight to bed for the night.

Thursday my kids had the SOL at school and it was boring. I was tired and actually fell asleep a couple times during the test! After work I bailed on babysitting and went home and went to bed again! (this time at 4:00) Tim got me up and I ate and then went back to sleep somewhere around 7:30. I did get my ad up on Craigslist for the day care but so far I haven't had any replies. I'm going to repost it today, so it gets bumped up the page some.

Friday at work was a bum day at work. I gave the kids some tests that needed done and then we went outside for recess. Then after lunch I let them watch R.V. with Robin Williams in it.

After school I got my car cleaned out and then picked up Grayson and Spencer. We came straight home and waited around for Tim. When he got home we all got ready to go and headed over to Amanda's house.

Tim tried to play with the cats but the babies were scaring them off. We spent a little bit of time with them anyway and then headed out. We went to Greenbrier Mall and got my glasses tightened up. Yay! I can see again! (They were always slipping off my face & I couldn't see b/c I was getting headaches.) Then we went to McDonald's in the mall for some cheap dinner. (less than $12 for Tim, Grayson, and I)

Then we wandered around the mall a bit before heading home. When we got home, Grayson fell and I got him cleaned up and then put to bed. Then I went and got Spencer and put him to bed too.

After both boys were asleep and the baby monitor was set up, Tim and I sat down to watch Transformers. Spence ended up waking up near the end and I brought him to the living room to snuggle. Then I ended up falling asleep too! After the movie ended, I put Spence back in the pack n play and Tim and I went to bed. That was around 12:30 or 1....Lindsey came to get the boys at 2:30.

This morning has been lazy and so far I haven't done anything since getting up at 9:30. I did finish watching the end of Transformers and I ate a pound of strawberries for breakfast.

The rest of the weekend plan is 1. clean house, 2. get the boys this afternoon, 3. get up early for church, and 4. go to the Chesapeake Jubilee

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Smellyann said...

Dude, I still can't believe you're so far along already. Time is flying by!

What is the Chesapeake Jubilee? Sounds fun!