Thursday, May 7, 2009

Victory in Iraq

Hey there folks,
I haven't blogged in a long while because I've been feeling so poopy. However, I am feeling better & spending a bit of time online tonight. I was talking to my mom too, about when I'm going to see them again and it sounds like they're coming to Washington D.C. for 2 rallies that are coming up.

I LOVE Washington D.C. and think Tim and I will go up and at least spend the days with them and go to the rallies too!

The first one is being held on June 13, this summer, it's a Saturday, and it's to celebrate the victory in Iraq. A lot has been accomplished over there & our soldiers are the reason why. We should honor and support THEM regardless or who is the president and what political party we
belong to. That's the weekend before school gets out and I'll only be about 20 weeks pregnant, so I think that we'll definitely drive up for that one. It's also the day before Tim's birthday (and Flag Day) so that'll be a nice way to celebrate.

Here's a blurb about it from the "Gathering of Eagles" webpage.

DECLARE VICTORY IN IRAQ Americans! If we don't do
it, it won't be done; join us as we gather in the nation's capital on June 13th to commemorate "Victory in Iraq Day" and to thank our military for their sacrifices on behalf of a grateful nation. The time has come to recognize our brave troops for bringing victory to the Iraqi people and to the cause of freedom around the
world. What has happened in Iraq reflects what our nation can do when the stakes are high, and the stakes in Iraq were VERY high. While Operation Desert Storm was an important victory in the fight for freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom was immeasurably more vital in terms of defending the values we hold dear, and yet the government will not organize a victory parade like it did for General Schwarzkopf's
troops. Why? Desert Storm was supported by the American public, and OIF has been the "orphan" of the last decade.Well, the orphan has parents now, and, as Pogo said, "They is us." Let's take ownership of our troops' victory in Iraq by gathering in the uncounted thousands to give them a national "thank-you." There will be patriotic speakers, fabulous music, a sea of flags, and a general atmosphere of celebration and thanksgiving for what our military men and women have done under the most difficult of circumstances. Be a part of it!

Now more than ever we must raise our voices to let our brave men and women in uniform know that we have their six. We are putting together the logistics for our Victory in Iraq Rally this 13 June, 2009 on the Mall in Washington, D.C. Our brave warriors must have our support. We must have a huge showing at this event to let those shouldering the burden in the Global War on Terror know that we will never let them down. As you all know, these events are a collective effort. We need each and every one of you not only to show up, but to support the event in whatever way you can. You can help us pay for it with as large a donation as you can bear. You
can visit your local VFW, American Legion and any other veteran’s clubs and urge
them to stand with us. Post fliers everywhere and anywhere like minded patriots might see them. Call and email your friends and impress upon them how important it is that we have a huge presence in D.C. I have never asked all of you to do everything before, but this time is different. I am asking every single one of you who visits this site to help us make this happen. We need to pull out all the stops. It is high-speed,
low-drag time and this is not the time to count on someone else to do your share. I have said it before, and I will say it again: Not only would our brave men and women in uniform do the same for us, THEY ALREADY ARE. Without them none of us could enjoy the things we love most; No blasts down the highway on the Harley, no hugs from our children, no meals we particularly enjoy. It is time for us to make the incredible showing we had back in March ’07 look small in comparison because this time the stakes are higher. If we do not make our voices heard the military could be good and finally broken. What young man or woman would join if they knew wounds
and/or injuries sustained during their service would have to be covered by their
personal insurance? What young man or woman would join if they didn’t see that at least some of their fellow Americans regard their service with respect, admiration, love and awe? None is the answer. We must let them know that their service has not been in vain and that they do not stand alone. We must let our valiant warriors know without a doubt that when we say we will never leave a comrade behind, we absolutely mean it. Please, I implore you all. Help us make this happen. Manchu

Chris Hill

If you got through all of that and your a patriotic American, I hope to see you there!

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