Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Update

I think I'm going to keep it short & sweet this week.  I don't have a ton of pictures to spruce the post up with & other than "the sick" coming AGAIN there's really not a lot to write about!

Monday 4/25 was the ship date for the I-Spy Quilt Square Swap that I am participating in, so I know we headed to the Post Office & took care of that.  We also went to the library & paid the ridiculous fines I had accrued.  We checked out a few videos and a CD for Luke and a baby name book, since #2 still doesn't have a name, but they are all going to go back today or tomorrow.

Tuesday (4/26) was Luke's well-baby visit at the pediatrician's office.  I DO NOT recommend our pediatrician Nansemond Pediatrics of CHKD to anybody!  They are rude, the doctors (in my opinion) are incompetent & not pro-natural for anything.  

Luke did gain another 6 oz, so he is up to 29 1/2 inches, 19 lbs 15 oz, and still "not on the charts" for weight according to her.  His head & height were still on their curve, but she didn't tell me where they were.  Since I'll be pulling his medical records to change doctors anyway, I wasn't too concerned.

I told her I thought he might have a Sinus infection, ear infection or Strep, since he had green snot for 2 days & a runny nose for a week prior to that & she said "well, sometimes the green snot means they are getting better."  WTF?  I have ALWAYS been told that green snot= infection...clear snot= regular allergies/cold.

So, anyway, Luke got 3 shots.  We split the DTaP vaccine up, since Luke had a bad reaction to the Pertussis part of it as a little baby, so we don't give it to him anymore.  They say he'll be due for it when he's 4, but we might skip it then too!  I'll have to do more research, his reaction as a little one was AWFUL.

Wednesday (4/27) I don't have anything on my planner so we must not have done much!

Thursday (4/28) we were babysitting Grayson & Spencer for their dad.  BUT, I had finally convinced myself (during the night) that I needed to see the doctor, so we got up & were ready to go when they got here at 9:15.  I loaded all three boys into their car seats (and against my better judgement let Grayson ride in a high-back booster) and headed to Patient First.  We were quickly moved through registration & triage & my rapid strep test came back positive.  So, I had them register Lucas as well, since he probably had it to & lo and behold, his came back positive too.

So, we left there, went to the pharmacy to get Luke's antibiotics (I had gotten mine from PF) and then to McDonald's for lunch for the boys.

When we got home it was nap time.  Mandy showed up a couple hours later to take the boys home & I went to sleep for about an hour with Luke. Then when he got up I snoozed for another hour on the couch!

Friday (4/29) Luke had his GI appointment at 10:15.  Dr.  Konikoff and I came to the conclusion that Luke's lack of eating is the reason for his slow weight gain and that there has to be something causing him to not want to eat & to spit all the time, since the blood work all came back normal.

So, we decided to try putting him back on reflux medicines and see if that helps him eat any more.  If in a month or so he is eating more, we should see a corresponding weight gain.  If in a month or so he isn't eating more, we will do an Upper GI Endoscopy, where they stick a camera down his throat (he'll be put to sleep) and LOOK for a cause for him to be not eating/gaining.

We still haven't been able to fill the prescription though, since the pharmacy was out of the generic and the name brand was over $400!

Saturday, 4/30, Frankie & Tom came over around 10 to help Tim with the cabinets.  Tim had gotten up with Luke at 7 and gone to Lowe's while I slept in.  It was SO nice.  When they got home I got up & got busy on the housework.

Around 12:30 Amanda showed up with Grayson & Spencer.  We putzed around the house until about 2:00 when we finally had some lunch & then around 3:00 left the house.

Amanda & I took all the boys on a long errand-running car ride, first to her house to get her good drill, then back home to give it to Tim, then to the pharmacy to try to get Luke's prescription and then to PetSmart for dog food.

Then we headed down to MacArthur but when we got there all the boys were still asleep, so we went to Doumar's instead!  The big boys had woken up, so they split a banana milkshake & I had fries (shared with Mandy) and a caramel/hot fudge sundae.  It was good but not worth the $10 bill.

After that the boys were all up, so we went ahead & went to MacArthur to play after all.  Luke managed to get hurt & is still walking funny today.  :(

When we got home, Tim, Tom, and Frankie had a great deal done in the kitchen!

All of the upper cabinets on the interior wall are installed and the corner "unit" is also completely installed.  The corner unit consists of the large lazy susan, a drawer cabinet, and my super awesome spice cabinet/pull out. The stove is in its new location (about 2 feet over from where it used to be!) and there are only 2 more bottom cabinets to go & that side of the room is done!!  (Trim work, doors, and knobs will be added by Tim during the week.)  

We spent an hour figuring out what was for dinner & finally around 9 Tim brought home McDonald's for everyone.   (except me, my morning sickness was too bad to eat by then)

I got everything ready for bed while they ate & then when Mandy & the boys headed out, we all went to bed.

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