Sunday, May 8, 2011


Customs/Waiting for Shipping Info:

Custom Diaper Bag set from Diaperswappers Co-Op

Kirkland Longies for Luke & #2 Knit by Carly Goode

Buttons from Tessa Ann (July)
  •  Two 1" Woodsy Buttons
  • $8.25 owed
  • Need to ship fabric sample
Shorties (from Short-Alls) & Doll Shorties from Kelley H. (shipped yarn & short-alls April 25) Need to send some form of payment

Birthday Boy Foggy Mountain Coveralls from Jennifer S. (from frogged longies) 
Booties, mittens, & hat on Birthday Boy from Jennifer S. (need to pay still)

Stacey C. 11 pairs of custom longies:

Luke’s: Noah, Wedgewood
Mediums: Noah
Smalls: Wedgewood, Camo
Newborns: Halloween, Woodland Tale, Gray 1, Gray 2
Preemies: Camo & Nessie


2 Yards Purple/Lime Ooga Booga from Nature's Fabrics

2 Diaper Cuts of Ooga Booga

Two 8x10 Portraits & One 10x13 Portrait from Wal-Mart

12 oz. Bug & Bear Noah on MMW-shipping to Stacey C. 

Newborn Boobie Beanie from Jennifer Sundquist

Carter's 2T Big Brother Shirt from DS 

Mosaic Moon Birthday Boy Longies w/ Owl Pockets from DS

PS 3 Controller & BluRay Remote from Amazon (ETA May 16-19)

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