Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend!

Saturday April 23

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!!

Saturday morning I was NOT feeling well at all, but I was feeling SLIGHTLY better than I had been on Friday, so I decided to tough it out & get on with the days' plans.

So, Tim got to work in the kitchen, while Luke & I did the housework & then got ready to go.

We left at about 10:55, drove to Virginia Beach to pick up the "ticket" for the Great Cloth Diaper Change event and then drove to downtown Virginia Beach, where the event was taking place.

We got there right about 11:45, and found out that the event had been postponed 30 minutes, so we hadn't needed to rush like we did.  Poo-y.  Oh well.

We toddled around and basically killed time until 12:30....when 59 folks all simultaneously changed our babies in the windy parking lot of Diaper Junction.

(excuse the quality of the pictures, these are swiped from Diaper Junction's Facebook)

Luke pre-chnage (sporting a Mama Made pocket fitted)

Pre Change Group Shot

Post Change Group Shot

As soon as that was over, I loaded Luke up in the stroller and we headed out.  We grabbed some Hardee's (for me) and then some McDonald's (for him) and then headed to Norfolk to the Lafayette Park.

It was a party to celebrate my "Milk Baby" Athena's first birthday & her big sister, Gianna's, 4th birthday.   We left both our food & cards at home on accident, but it was still nice to visit & see the girls.

Athena didn't want any parts of me, though, I guess because I no longer smell like her milkies!  (She is done with my supplement & I am all dried up!)

Around 2:15, it was time for us to head home and we couldn't have timed it better.  No more than 10 minutes after we got in the car Luke was SOUND asleep.  I headed home, hoping to get him in the house for a nap myself, but I didn't get that lucky.

Tim worked in the kitchen some, I putzed around, laid around, and did some housework.  Then around 7:00, we headed to Virginia Beach to have dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise with Tom, Peggy, and Beth.  Luke napped on the ride over so was a cranky-pants when we got there.

I as usual enjoyed the crab dip & did not enjoy the mini bacon burgers.  I think I'm just going to stick to ordering the crab dip as my entrĂ©e there.

After dinner it was quite late, so we headed home, Luke fell asleep in the car, and then we stopped at Farm Fresh for a minute.  I just ran in & grabbed what we needed, then we went home.

At home, it was pretty much straight to bed for everyone.

Sunday April 24, Easter 2011 (Luke's 2nd)

Tim got up with the sun in order to make it to church by 7:15 am, which is when set-up was scheduled to begin.  I'm not sure if he made it or not, because I think he overslept some.

Luke and I got up around about the time he was leaving & had to begin getting ready to go ourselves, even though our ETA wasn't until 9:30.

We ate breakfast, straightened up the house some, and packed an entire days' worth of diapers, snacks, bibs, and changes of clothing, before heading out just before 9 to get to church.

As usual Luke was ALMOST asleep when we got there, but still awake, so in we went.  And he was a holy terror.

He would not sit still, he would not let me hold him, and he eventually started just screaming his head off.

He had a runny nose, so he couldn't go into the nursery either. (Even if I was a regular user of the nursery & even if the runny nose is "just allergies" I still wouldn't put him in there, you never know, and if someone else's kid gets sick because of mine, I'd be sad.)

So, Luke & I made our hasty exit at about 10:30.

I think that is the end of us going to church.  It's just too hard to get out of the house & all the way to Virginia Beach, that early in the morning, and expect Luke to be able to behave during the service.  If we had been going all along he'd probably do better.  BUT, since the "big thing" back in September our attendance has been spotty at best anyway.  

The timing is off, it is his nap time by the time we get there (because we have to get up early & start our day earlier than normal)and then he is a cranky fuss pot.

So, I think until he doesn't need the morning nap, we're just going to save the time & gas and forget about it.  Maybe they can record the services with a digital camera or Skype it like Rachel once suggested.  I just don't know about dragging Luke out like this every Sunday.  (that's like the last 3 times we tried to go to church we ended up leaving early).

AND then, when #2 comes along, there's no way I'll be able to go to church since Tim leaves way before us for sound set-up, I'd be stuck getting them both ready all by myself.  Nah, its not that big of a deal to me.  I'm not feeling the "connection" I once had at the church and while I understand that distancing myself is the opposite of "getting it back", I think its what I need right now.

So, anyway, within about 5 minutes in the car, Luke was sound asleep.  We drove home & then both took a nap in the driveway.

Tim got home around noon & tended to the dogs & house, and then we headed to Emporia.

We got to Mom & Dad's house a few minutes after Amanda and everyone got busy getting settled in.  Luke was VERY excited to play with Grayson & Spencer's Buzz Lightyear doll.

I was tired & the chaos in the house caused me to have a bunch of painful Braxton Hicks contractions.  After Luke was dressed (we'd taken his church outfit off) in good clothes and Frankie & J.C. hid all the eggs (about 80) we let the boys go out into the yard to start their Easter Egg Hunt.

Luke had a blast finding the eggs.

When that was all said & done, Dad took the boys for tractor rides.

Luke wasn't quite sure of the tractor & all the noise it was making!

Grayson & Spencer actually DROVE the tractor & they LOVED it!

Then it was time to come in for Easter baskets from Grams & Pap & Luke was more interested in Buzz than in the basket.  He's still a little young to "get" candy.

After the boys got their baskets it was time to get things ready for dinner.  My contractions were kicking my butt, so I was pretty useless.  

Mom had ham, spaghetti, cavadils, salad, green beans, sweet potatoes w/ marshmallows, pineapple, and more for everyone to enjoy. We all ate our fill & had a great meal!

After dinner, I took the boys outside to play with bubbles & just get out of the house, while everyone cleaned up the dinner table.

When I went back in it was dessert time!

After dessert (chocolate creme pie!) we relaxed for a while & then headed home around 7:30.  Luke slept the whole way & I slept for most of it!

Happy Easter!

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