Monday, May 9, 2011

May 1-6 Sunday Update

I think I'll write this "Sunday Update" in reverse!

Friday May 6
Today was a mostly good day!  Luke slept for quite some time after Tim left for work, getting up at what seems to be our new "normal" 7:45 am.  He'd been in our bed almost all night, and actually slept through, so it wasn't too hard to get out of bed with him!

We got the housework done & ate breakfast and then just waited until Grayson & Spencer got here.

When the boys got here all three of them played together, but Luke was NOT into sharing his toys!  He kept saying "minuhminuhminuh" which Luke's language means "mine".  Then he'd bring whatever it was he'd taken off the big boys back into our bedroom & leave it so they couldn't play with it anymore!

We are going to have to have more play-dates I think!

Then, I gave all three of them lunch (EasyMac for the big boys, corn & a sub sandwich for Luke) and put them down for naps.  

Ahh--I am a baby whisperer!  All three of them slept for at least an hour & 45 minutes & Spencer slept for over 2 hours!

While they slept, I cut out a "skirty" for my friend Jennifer's daughter, Inara, and another "smallish" soaker for whoever I decide to gift it upon!  

Jennifer has sent me a couple packages "just because" and to "brighten my day" and I really appreciate her friendship!  I decided to make Inara a skirty out of the SOFTEST cashmere sweater I had...I bought it hoping #2 was a girl, but no go, so its off to get some loving from Inara!

After the boys woke up, they went back to playing in the living room & I broke out my sewing machine!!  I got Inara's skirty all sewn up!  It was the first one I'd made, and without a pattern, so it isn't without some minor flaws, but I like it & I hope Jennifer can make it work for Inara!

After that was all done, I got everything cleaned up, Mandy arrived & we headed outside to work on our Mother's Day project.  

It took quite a bit longer than we anticipated, made more of a mess than we planned, was a lot FASTER than we thought it would be and ultimately we managed to get enough nice finished products for our Moms.

By then, Tim was home, so we finished up, Mandy & the boys left, we cleaned up & then we ate dinner.  Tim had left-over pizza, Luke had frozen nuggets, and I had Cheese Doodles.  I was supposed to follow that with cereal, but haven't gotten around to it & its bedtime!

Luke is on day 3 or 4 of an INTENSE diaper rash, which must be yeast because I've never had a "regular" rash last even a full 24 hours!

Thursday May 5

I don't have any pictures from Thursday, so I have no idea what went on! Ha ha!

Wednesday May 4
Luke and I had a good day, we did go out for a bit during the day, but I think it was just for lunch.

At 4:40 we left the house to head to Chili's to meet Tim & his old boss Amira, for dinner.  I do not like Chili's.  At all.  It is Amira's favorite place to go though, so that's where we went.  I didn't eat. :(

In the evening, Tim let Luke "help" him put some screws into the dishwasher return.  (Luke held the drill.)  Afterwards, we took some slightly posed pictures, of Luke's total cuteness!

And, I played with my quilt squares some more!  This "layout" is more of how it will actually look.  The outside border is a combination of 4 different "Blue Jean Teddy" fabrics, and then the inside is done in diagonal rows of similar background color squares.  When its all said & I done I think it will look very sharp!

In this picture you can see 6 of the 18 rows....or the bottom 1/3 of the quilt.  AND the placement of the actual I-Spy squares is not concrete yet---I am not going to use ALL of the squares I have, so I need to weed out the girly ones or the less fun ones!

Tuesday May 3

Tuesday I had Luke do a fashion show of all his outgrown woolies, so I could sell what I am not going to use for #2.  This particular pair was never Luke's, we got them in a trade, already too small, but I just love how tall & skinny he looks, how good his hair & eyes look in this picture, so I decided to include it!

I also played with my quilt squares a bit!  I cannot WAIT to get this I-Spy quilt sewn up!

Tim had to cut the grass that night and I have no idea what we did for dinner!

Monday May 2

Monday, my quilt squares came in the mail!

I had my ultrasound scheduled for 2:00, followed by a doctor's appointment for my 24 week check-up.  The exciting news is that I gained three pounds!  Dr. Morgan was VERY happy that I finally put on a little weight & congratulated me (though I don't think I did anything differently!)

Everything looked great with #2, he is still a boy, and his heart rate was in the 140s.

Luke slept through the ultrasound but was awake by the time I got to see Dr. M, so we still haven't talked about the birth & how that's going to play out.  I wish I knew if I should be prepping for a VBAC or if we were going to do a repeat c-section.

Luke & I also had to go out & mail a bunch of stuff I'd recently sold.

If I remember correctly we had Ci-Ci's pizza for dinner that night.  Tim was tired and didn't want to do much so that was our easy meal.

Sunday May 1

Sunday, Tim went to church in the morning & then we all went to Subway for lunch.  Frankie met us there.

When we got back to the house, Tim & Frankie worked on installing the two base cabinets next to the stove & then the top cabinet over the dishwasher.

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