Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sunday Update May 16-24

Monday May16
I met with a Pest Control guy at 3:00, about the holes in the yard & the bug bites Luke has.  
I can't remember what else I did, all I know is I fell asleep JUST before 10 & missed out on the Squirmie Worm's Mosaic Moon co-op.

Tuesday May 17
26 Weeks Pregnant!
We had to get up SUPER early to take Tim to the airport.  We dropped him off & were home & back in bed by 5:30.  
We slept in & then got up and got ready for Luke's portrait appointment at Wal-Mart.
It took a LONG time but we managed (with 3 breaks) to get a bunch of great shots! I bought 6 different prints for the wall!  
We got home just in time to pick up Aaron & meet the next Pest Control guy.

Wednesday May 18
Lucas-19 Months Old
We got up and had a slow morning.  
An unwilling model--showing off his NEW Birthday Boy longies & shirt--a few months early, but they were both deals!
Grayson & Spencer got here around 10:30 and by 12:30 we were heading out the door to Emporia.  We spent the day with Mom & Frankie.  
Shirt & longies
We left there around 8:15 and got to Mandy's around 9:25 to drop off the boys.  
Birthday Boy Longies (both kids will have a pair!) match a couple of our Big/Little shirts!

Thursday May 19
Luke & I had a slow morning. 
After we picked Aaron up, we headed to Kohl's to get some "Little Brother/Big Brother" stuff but they didn't have anything!  So we drove out to Burlington Coat Factory in Chesapeake Square.  We got some good deals there!
Another Big/Little Brother set!
Then we went in Target really quickly--they had their 2 packs of Toy Story sippy cups priced wrong at $5.50 and I grabbed a pack!
Another Big/Little Brother set!
 Betti, Aaron, and I all went to Golden Corral for dinner that night.

These two Big/Little Brother shirts were both used-STEALS!  
Friday May 20
We cleaned house most of the day.  We picked Aaron up & went grocery shopping.
We ended up getting to the airport about an hour early to meet Tim, so we ate some quick food there.
How cute are these little $3 onesies?
After we picked Tim up we went to Applebee's.  We ended up only paying for Tim's meal because the service was SLOW and terrible!  We didn't even complain or ASK for them to comp. it--they just did it!  

Saturday May 21
We got up early & headed out to Henley's Farm in Pungo, to pick strawberries with Chrissy & her girls.  It was a good time & in about an hour & only half a "row" of berries, I picked 22 1/2 lbs!  
Luke & Carolynn having a moment at the strawberry patch.
We had to rush home so Aaron could get lunch & get to his baseball game.  Tim took him so that Luke & I could relax some.  We cleaned the house, showered, and tried to get Luke to nap, but he wouldn't.  
All the kids--Carolynn 3 1/2, Ashley 10, Aaron 9, Brianna 12 1/2, Lucas 19 months
Sunday May 22
Tim got up early & left for church.  Luke and I took our time getting ready and were able to get there by about 9:55 (only 10 minutes late!) but Luke was SOUND asleep.  I decided not to risk waking him up & instead just drove around until about 11:20, when Tim was ready to be picked up. 
Looking for Mom, while riding!
We went to Lynnhaven Mall & got some Sakkio Japan for lunch & then we rode by Target to get a wedding shower gift.  
Ready to get off
After that Tim dropped me off at the van & headed home with Luke.  I went to my sister-in-law's wedding shower.  That lasted 3 hours, so it was 5:20 before I got home.
Stink face---the carousel operator SPOKE to him. :(
Tim & Luke had gone to Wal-Mart for some groceries, so I took a nap.
When they got home, we grilled steaks & corn and had baked potatoes for dinner.  Yummy.

Monday May 23
The third & final Pest Control guy came at 8:30 in the morning.  He doesn't know it but he ruined his chances by calling me to come an hour & a half before our appointment.  When I set up the appointment he wanted to do it first thing in the morning & I said no, because we don't get moving that early and made it for 10 am.  He called at 8:20 that he was in the neighborhood & could he just go ahead & come by now.  Well, it makes sense for HIS schedule, but Luke was having his naked time, I wasn't dressed & the house wasn't presentable!  Grr...
After he left, we cleaned up the house & got dressed. 
I got all of my new picture frames & 3 of the new portraits put up on the wall.  
Almost done!  Still have one 8x10 to add then all the pictures will be up!
 Around 1:55 we headed out to get Luke a 2nd lunch, since he refused the one I fixed him & then to pick up Aaron.  Luke fell asleep, so when we got to Wal-Mart, I let Aaron stay in the car with him.  I've never moved so fast in Wal-Mart! (through lots of heavy contractions, I got ALL of the things on my list in 30 minutes!) 
After Wal-Mart, we headed home to unload the groceries.  Aaron got picked up & I cooked dinner. (tacos, mac n cheese, and fries) 
After dinner, I took Luke and headed to Amanda's to clean & freeze the strawberries.  We were there until about 8:30, when we headed home in the midst of the storm that was brewing.  
Luke fell asleep RIGHT before we got home (he was awake when we turned into the neighborhood, but asleep when we got to the house!)  so I tucked him in, checked my e-mail, and headed to bed myself.  

Tuesday May 24
27 Weeks Pregnant
Last night, #2 gave me a scare.  He didn't move at all! I still couldn't get him to move this morning, so I drank some cold Gatorade & some Pepsi Throwback, ate some pudding and a Reese's Big Cup.  After 30 minutes he still wasn't moving. FINALLY, at the one hour mark of me being awake & him not moving, I sneezed, and he must have gotten woken up because then he started kicking!  I was getting a bit worried.  
Most nights, he keeps me up half the night with his kicking & rolling.  So, it was REALLY weird for him to be still all night.  
Today is a lazy, stay-at-home, and get stuff done around here day.  We will have to go out to get Aaron & we'll swing by Farm Fresh then to get some lunch meat, but otherwise we have no plans to go anywhere!  

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