Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Winter Woolies Stash in Progress

Items in italics are to be knit or in progress knitting

For Lucas:

Wedgewood Paton's & Cascade 220 Longies

Bear & Pants Noah on MMW Longies

MM Kirkyard on Cestari Longies

MM October Evening on Cestari Md/L Overalls

Lollyscraps Tan Your Hide Scrappies on MMW Md./L Longies

Mrs. Stripe Cestari Blue Md Longies

Cirilo on Purewool Blue/Brown Md Longies
MM Birthday Boy Longies

Md Soaker

7 pairs of longies
1 pair of overalls
1 soaker

For Newbie:

PurlyQ Nessie on Cestari Preemie Longies

Ella Rae Camo & Green Preemie Longies

Preemie/NB Felted Blue Soaker

Preemie Wool & Fleece Recycled Soaker

Unknown Halloween Cestari & Cascade 220 Nb Longies

MM Woodland Tale on MMW Nb Longies

2 Pairs NB Longies 
Light Grey w/ Dk Gray Trim
Dark Grey w/ Lt Gray Trim

Mosaic Moon Birthday Boy Newborn Foggy Mountain Coveralls w/ hat, booties, mittens
These are NOT our actual overalls--this is a SAMPLE picture.

Wedgewood Paton's & Cascade 220 Sm Longies

MM Kirkyard on Cestari Sm Longies

Small Longies on Camo Patons- Stacey C.

Alpaca Outfit (Longies, Sweater, Hat, Mitts, Booties) Sm

Bear & Pants Noah on MMW Md. Longies

MM Woodland Tale on MMW Md Longies

2 Preemie Longies
2 Preemie Soakers
4 NB Longies
1 NB Overalls w/ Layette
3 Sm Longies
1 Sm Set
2 Md. Longies

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