Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday! 10 Things I Don't Do

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme for the list-makers heart!  I think I could definitely enjoy this one!

This week, on Diaper Diaries, her Top Ten list was actually a list of 10 things she doesn't do & I am inspired to write a similar list!

10 Things I Don't Do

1. Wear Makeup-- Like, ever.  I don't like the way it feels and it never looks natural (not even on the few occasions I've paid professionals to "help".  The only make up I even own was bought for my wedding, almost 5 years ago!

2. Wear Jewelry-- 99% of the time, I don't even wear my wedding ring.  My ear holes closed up in pregnancy so I can't even wear the gorgeous diamond or sapphire earrings that I love.

3. Get places on time--No matter how hard I try, I'm generally late.  I don't MEAN to be, I just such at punctuality.  If you don't like that about me, we probably shouldn't be friends!

4. Diet--Absolutely CANNOT diet.  Ever.  Tell me I can't have something & it is ALL I will be able to focus on!

5. Exercise properly--I do get exercise, but not 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week & not in the traditional sense!  I play with my child or the dogs, as often as I feel like it.

6. Get regular haircuts/keep my hair "done"--I've been wearing my hair the same way my entire life.   I get it "trimmed" about one or two times a year.  Right now its been over a year since the last cut, which was a drastic one.  I'm scared to get a trim because I don't want it "short" again.

7. Keep a spotless house--I do clean daily.  I vacuum, tend to dishes, and laundry.  I don't scrub walls, dust, organize, or keep the place immaculate.  I do my best for my comfort zone and that's good enough.  I tell myself, someday, when we have more organization tools & less clutter...it'll be easier.  Right now I have dogs & babies....so deal with it!

8. Cater to or "baby" my husband-- My husband is wonderful.  He plays an equal role in taking care of our family and house.  He cooks dinner, changes poopy cloth diapers (even prefolds!), does chores and can take care of his child.  I am not his maid or servant & I do not live my life wondering if he approves of what I'm doing this very minute.

9. Cook dinner, 7 days a week--We are perfectly fine eating left-overs for dinner.  When I "plan" meals for a week, at least 2 of the meals will be repeats of something else we had that week or the week before.  We also like to try at least one "meat-less" meal each week.  This is generally a no-cooking night.  Something like salad is often what we have!

10. Feel guilty about taking a break--From anything.  From housework, from cloth-diapering, from crafting, sewing, etc.  If I need a break, I take it.  I have to take care of ME to be a good wife & Mommy.

From Diaper Diaries:
So what would be on your list of “Things You Don’t Do?” Write one. It is quite liberating. Of course then you also fill in what is on your “must do” list.  For now, [this list] is where I am focusing my time and my energy and I am not feeling the least bit bad or guilty about it.
10 Things I Must Do:

1. Spend quality time with my son
2. Spend quality "adult" time with my husband
3. Spend time with my friends & help Luke learn to play with other kis
4. Fulfill my responsibilities as Communion Steward at church
5. Read my Bible more frequently
6. Listen to podcasts of the church service, when I don't make it
7.  Try to follow our budget
8. Cook lunch & dinner, with more frequency &eat out less
9. Have alone time
10. Read

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Mrs.Haggie810 said...

Amen to the punctuality and clean house comments! I am right there with you! I am trying to be better about being on time, and I am getting better, but I'm just not good at it! lol! I'm one of those people that hate's that it's such a big deal! And the house thing, yeah, seriously, from reading our statuses you would think our houses are immaculate as much as we clean, but that's just maintaining my house at a decent state! Glad to know I'm not the only one! :) I have 4 kids, a dog, a cat, and a husband...if you don't like how my house looks, don't come over! lol!