Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Luke has been in physical or occupational therapy for a year now.

I am SO ready to be done with it!

When Luke was just six months old & his doctor noticed his torticollis, we were so worried about him! Miss Kerry, his AMAZING physical therapist at CHKD was awesome and had the torticollis under control & taught Luke all of his skills so quickly. She was awesome to work with.  We had twice a week appointments, weekly appointments, bi-weekly appointments and then finally monthly appointments, until he was 13 months old & "graduated" from Physical Therapy in early November.

In early September, Luke began occupational therapy for his eating issues.  He had many texture issues and went through phases where he'd eat only certain things, only purees, no purees, no solids, only crunchy/salty foods, and more.  Ms. Dana has been a blessing as we have struggled to get our little dude to eat a healthy diet.  We've used special tools, special toys, special cups, and more.  We've given him lots of different foods and experimented with his food sensitivities and really just done so much to get him to eat like a normal little boy.

Today, we had what is sure to be one of our last few Occupational Therapy appointments. Ms. Dana came with her "boss" Ms. Lori & did an evaluation of Lucas.  He has met all of his goals and is functioning at or above age appropriate!  Woohoo!  He is still improving his eating skills and we still have work to do, but we no longer require any special services to keep us on track!  We will see Ms. Dana one more time, then Ms. Dana & Ms. Lori will do the BIG evaluation at the end of June.  They will go through a checklist and series of drills and tests to see what all Luke can do.  Then we'll have one more visit with Ms. Dana and then our final discharge appointment at the end of July.  Ms. Dana won't get to see #2 be born, even though she's been here for the entire pregnancy!  Hopefully, she'll swing by & meet the baby after he comes.

So, four more visits with OT and we're officially done with therapy for Lucas.  I am so excited.

Luke is such a smart, entertaining, intelligent little boy and we love him to pieces....I just wish he'd stop spitting his food out! Ha ha!  With time, he'll get there and I'm sure someday we'll look back and barely remember our weekly and now bi-weekly therapy appointments!

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