Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day 2011 (Sunday Update Sat-Tues, May 10)

We started our Mother's Day celebration on Saturday, when Mom, Dad, and Frankie drove into town.

Spencer's Stone on the left, Grayson's on the right
We gave Mom the four stepping stone the boys, Amanda, and I had made for her.  She loved them!

Luke's stone on the top, Grams' memorial stone on the bottom
Dad, Frankie, and Tom were all at our house to help with the kitchen cabinets.  Chrissy, her four kids, Amanda, Grayson, Spencer, and Mom were all at Mandy's house. 

Luke and I did our normal early afternoon routine, then got McDonald's on our ride out to Mandy's house.
Mandy needed me to get some stuff from Michael's for her, so Tyler rode along with me over there.  Luke woke up from his nap before we got to the store though, so we all went in together.  

When we got back to the house, it was chaos!  We managed to get stepping stones made for Chrissy's 4 kids & an extra one of Luke for me to keep!

Then it was time for the kiddos to quiet down & relax.  I snapped this picture while everyone was watching Toy Story 2.  Luke had never seen it before and was exhausted, but I was still shocked that he snuggled his Auntie Chrissy for so long!  (the blurry spot was a smudge on the camera I didn't realize I had until yesterday! grr...)  Amanda's house is like an ice box (the only way to keep all three levels cool) so everybody was bundled under blankets!

Mom made a pot of spaghetti sauce and we all ended up eating without Tim, Dad, and Frankie.  They didn't end up getting to Mandy's until about 8:30!

By then, all 3 little boys had their baths & pjs on & Chrissy & her crew had left.

We headed home around 9:30 that night & went straight to bed.

Sunday morning, Tim got up and left for church.  I had already decided Lucas and I weren't going, so we tried to sleep in.

We got the housework done & were just getting done with our showers and getting dressed when Tim got home.

He brought me a gift card to Barnes & Noble, so I could buy books for my i-Pad and the Reba CD I've been wanting!  He also got me some Reese's Big Cups, because I've been craving them lately!

Then he gave me the best present of all!  He got the dishwasher hooked up & running in the kitchen!  Wahoo!

On Saturday, they redid all the plumbing under the sink base & got it installed as well as the cabinet to the left of the window, on top.  The only thing left to do is re-balance the sink base (he found out its not level), install the refrigerator returns, and install the last base cabinet!  Then all the cabinets will be in & he can measure for the counter tops!

While Luke napped we snuggled on the couch & watched a little bit of a movie on Netflix.

I also painted these two stones to give to Peggy for Mother's Day.

When Luke got up, we loaded the first load of dishes into the dishwasher & then headed to Tom & Peggy's house.  We had a nice meal with them & Luke played outside a lot.  We headed home around 9 pm.

Monday, Luke and I did our thing around the house & then went grocery shopping.  We spent a small fortune on groceries, but bought REAL food to cook in the kitchen!!

When we got home, I cleaned out the fridge & got rid of all the take-out boxes.  When all the cold food was put away, I cleaned out the pantry & got rid of anything that was open/dusty or out-dated.  I got all the food out of the office & back into the pantry!

When Tim got home he put the handles on the cabinets that are "done" that I can start using and straightened up in the kitchen a little bit.

Then around 7:30, we headed to the gas station, hardware store, and I-HOP for dinner.  Luke fell asleep before we got there & would NOT wake up to eat.

I was so excited today, to be able to cook lunch & dinner. I got the kitchen the rest of the way straightened up, cleaned the stove, put on the new porcelain drip pans & the burners, fixed our sandwich, only to discover the power doesn't work. :(  GAH!

So, I had to toast our lunch which worked okay, before we got our showers.  We showered & I changed Luke into "nice" clothes (he actually has "play clothes" vs. "going out clothes" now--such a BOY!) and then nursed him to sleep.  He had played outside for a couple hours this morning & was quite filthy!

What more can a mother ask for, than such a beautiful amazing child as this?  I absolutely ADORED holding him in the restaurant last night while he slept in my arms.  I love him so much, he truly blesses me daily!

Hopefully Tim can fix the stove tonight.  I think we'll still cook at home, even if he can't.  We'll just have to do the baked potatoes in the toaster oven & the corn either on the grill (cobs) or in the microwave (frozen).

Tonight's dinner is STEAK!

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