Friday, April 8, 2011

Sunday Update--1/2 way there!

Sunday April 3
We all made it to church on Sunday morning, but we didn't all get to sit through church.

Getting up so early to make it to church is just a chore & since we have to get Luke up so early, he is ready for his nap right around the time church starts! he got really unruly & I just decided to leave.  He & I went to the car & took a nap.

When church was over, we went down with Tim & had "Pint with the Pastor" lunch at California Pizza Kitchen.  It was super yummy.

After lunch, we headed home with a quick stop at Lowe's before hand.  We got the new lights for the kitchen and some other tools Tim needed.

Then we got Dairy Queen ice cream!  (My #1 craving this pregnancy.)

When we were done with that I was feeling quite miserable, so Tim (being the super husband he is) took the afternoon off to play with Luke while I napped.

Late that evening, we did get one of the new lights hung up in the kitchen!

Monday April 4
It's a BOY! 
The obvious biggest news of Monday, was that we had our ultrasound at 10 am and baby Goetsch #2 is another little boy.  

Here's the picture of the boy-bits.  Bum on the right, legs going towards the left along the top & bottom.

His little footprint.

Looking at the camera!  Same picture, the bottom one is labeled for the untrained viewers.

Profile!  Same picture, the bottom one is labeled for the untrained viewers.

Close up of his profile--you can see his tiny toes just above his mouth!

The scanner is not hooked up right now, but as soon as we get that done, I will upload the pictures.  There is no mistaking it though, he is all boy. 

Dr. M came into my room & said, "Next time you want to lose weight, don't get pregnant to do it!" Ha ha! As if.  He did say he wants me to start gaining some weight now & that I need to eat more protein, but that milk shakes & high fat ice cream would be awesome too!  Ha ha!  Gotta love it when you get doctor's orders to eat ice cream & milk shakes!!  

The baby's heart rate was about 135--that's the first time they've told me what it was, even though we've seen & heard it loads of times by now.  

From the ultrasound we headed to Virginia Beach to take care of another craving of mine....Cheeseburger in Paradise crab dip!  Mmm mmm good!  Luke napped in the stroller, so Tim & I had a really nice lunch together.  

After lunch we headed to Chesapeake to go to the Toyota dealership.  The dealer we like was busy, so we made an appointment for an hour later and headed to the mall for some ice cream & to let Luke run a bit.

When we got back to the dealership, we drove the Sienna, and OMG we love that thing.  It is so awesome.  

BUT, we weren't quite ready to buy yet, so we left without it.  We'll most likely be going back for it, relatively soon.  I'm aiming for before Easter...we'll see what Tim thinks.  

After the car dealership, we headed home to get the mystery shop report we needed & to tend to the dogs.  Luke was asleep, so he & Tim sat in the car.  I came in & took care of the business & then we left about 6:00 to go do our dinner shop.  

Surprisingly the shop went AMAZINGLY well & we were REALLY surprised.  We haven't accepted a shop at that restaurant in a long time because their service & quality have sucked & I've had to give them bad reviews.  I hate doing a bad review report (more work) and I hate getting bad food/service!  (and having to still tip 15% for it!)  We gave the server more than 20% this time though, because he pretty much rocked!  

After dinner, it was bed time.  We came home, wound down & went to bed.

Tuesday April 5
20 Weeks Pregnant--Official Halfway Point
Tuesday was a mega-blah day.  I was feeling sick & gross.  I don't know if the amoxicillin is helping any.  I'm going to give it until Thursday evening & if its not doing anything by then, go back to the doctor.

Luke & I showered around 4 & I was having some pretty bad chest pains/cramps.  I couldn't tell if it was a strain from vacuuming, heartburn, chest pains from breathing or coughing, or what.  I tried laying in the hot bath tub, but that didn't help.  I tried taking Tums and laying down, but that didn't help.

When Tim got home, Luke and I headed out of the house so he could work.  We went first to McDonald's for nuggets for Luke & fries & a drink for me.  The boy loves those nuggets & I figure they are fatty enough for him to eat as a snack!  The fries made me nauseas so I tossed them out.

Then we went to Food Lion to get some groceries.  Luke loves to ride in the "car" shopping carts.  I love the free entertainment.  We stocked up on all the foods we've been eating lately & a few new high protein foods & drinks for me.  Doc M really wants me to get more protein besides the 6 oz of peanut butter I've been eating daily.

After Food Lion, we headed to Subway for dinner.  I bought Luke his own sub.  He LOVES eating sandwiches!

We took the food stuffs home to Tim & all ate dinner.

After dinner it was wind-down time & then bed around 10.

Luke woke up at 11:30 & I put him in our bed.  Then around 3:30 I woke up & couldn't sleep because the little rascal was kicking me & my ears/nose were hurting & I was having trouble breathing.

I was up for about 30 minutes, then put Luke in his bed.  Around 4:30 he woke up again, so I let him back into our bed so I could get some sleep. :(

Wednesday April 6

We managed to stay asleep until 7:30, which was good enough for me.

We cleaned house during the day, got showered & then I tried to get Luke to eat some lunch & let me eat lunch too.

But, he was apparently TOO tired & ended up falling asleep in his high chair!  Poor little thing!  That's definitely a first for us!

So I quickly ate my lunch & then laid down to let him nurse for a few minutes in his sleep.  When I got up I tended to the laundry & ate some more & then decided to get a little nap in too!

So, Luke slept for 2 hours & I got a 30 minute nap with him, which was nice....but not enough.

When we got up it was almost 4, so we had to start getting ready to leave the house.

Peggy got here around 5:20 and we all loaded up & headed to Virginia Beach.  Peggy dropped me off at our Small Group & took Luke home with her.

Our group went well & we left pretty quickly when it was over, since I wanted to go out for dinner.

We checked on Luke & he was okay, so we decided to get some Olive Garden---we don't like taking him in there because he's so loud & fussy sometimes, so we avoid it.  We had salad (my favorite!) and then we each ordered an entree as well!  We also bought some salad dressing to bring home!  Next time we pick up salad from the grocery store, we can have the yummy OG dressing!  Yay!

After dinner we spent a little bit of time visiting with Peggy & Beth before loading up & heading home.  Luke was asleep by the time we got home & so I went straight to bed.

Thursday April 7

I let Luke sleep in our bed after about 1:30 am because I was just too tired to be up & down all night.  He slept all the way through the night.  :)

He got up at 8am in the morning. We both ate breakfast & then I laid back down while he played and watched t.v.  I managed to stay in bed until about 10:40 am with just getting up to take care of him a couple of times.  Probably not the best "mommy moment" but I felt much better afterwards!

I cancelled my play-date & milk-drop-off from Jenna & rescheduled it for Friday, since I was feeling yucky & she had other things come up.

In the afternoon the temperature warmed up over 80* so, Luke & I headed out back to play for a couple hours.

I found a friend who has a toddle jungle gym she'll give to us & decided on which toddler bed I want for Luke.

Frankie came over in the evening and we got all the sticks cleaned up out of the yard & loaded into his pick-up & then he cut the grass out back for us!  Now Luke can play out there without worrying about tripping all the time.  I'll try to get out there soon & clean up all the dog poo.

When Frankie was done in the yard & Tim was done in the kitchen we headed to the mall for some dinner.

I ended up not able to sleep and being up until after 1:30.

Friday April 8

Luke slept with us.  It was just easier for me.

We've been puttering around the house and doing a whole lot of nothing.

The plan for tonight is more of nothing.  Tim will grout the new tile & then we'll be one more step closer to installing the cabinets!

And here's an up-to-the-minute picture of what our kitchen looks like right now.  Fun, huh?

I did wash dishes in the bathtub.

And put Luke down for a nap:

I think we'll stay in for dinner & eat some left-overs or frozen pizza.

Tomorrow morning we head to Baltimore, so I'm going to go ahead & close this "Sunday Update" out early, so that we can blog about that trip all by itself!

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