Saturday, April 16, 2011

Baltimore Trip April 9-10

Saturday morning we got up and everybody got busy cleaning & packing.  I hadn't done anything before hand so we were pretty busy all morning.

It was about 11:55 when we left the house & closer to 12:30 before we got on the road.  We went to McDonald's and the gas station before we hit the highway!

Our drive to Baltimore went extremely quickly!  We texted back & forth with Mandy & Frankie & were neck & neck with them (and Mom, Dad, and Uncle Dave) most of the trip, but never actually saw each other on the highway.

We got to our hotel at 4:00, so only an hour later than we'd planned and were quickly checked in & unpacked.

Mom & Dad's crew arrived at their hotel about 20 minutes later, but they needed more time to "relax" than we did, so we went ahead and headed out to dinner.

We went to Anne Arundel Seafood for a traditional Maryland crab cake & fish house experience.  A fish house is definitely a new experience for Tim & I!  But, we had a good meal & Luke mostly behaved well.

Tim ordered scallops & creamy crab soup.  I got a crab cake and french fries with gravy (which I am now craving).  Luke got a chicken tenders kid's meal, which he did not eat.

Mom, Dad, Frankie, Mandy, and Uncle Dave showed up just after we finished our meal so we sat and visited with them for a while before we headed back to our hotel.

We took Frankie with us to the hotel & we all got ready to go to the pool.  Mandy & Mom showed up pretty soon after that & so we all went down & swam for a little bit.

After we swam it was time for showers & bed.

Sunday morning we got up early and got dressed & packed out of the hotel.

We went to I-Hop for a quick breakfast & then headed to the Baltimore National Cemetery.  We took a scenic tour of the cemetery before everyone showed up & then we all got busy finding my Great Grandfather's grave.

We did some rubbings & took some pictures & then Uncle Dave & his cousin Cookie dug out a hole.  Uncle Dave poured my Grandfather's ashes into the hole & then poured my Grams' ashes into the hole next to Grand-dad & then covered it with earth.

Mom stepped on the earth to ensure that the ashes wouldn't get washed away.

We recited a prayer & took a few more pictures before heading to Joan & Cookie's house.  We had a nice luncheon there with all of the family.

Around 2:00 we got on the road to head home.  Luke had gotten EXTREMELY fussy so we had to go.

I napped in the car with Luke until we stopped for lunch at a Subway.

Tim was craving a milkshake, so I asked the girls at subway where was  good place to get one, they chorused "Jo-Jo's!" So, I got directions from them for the local roadside ice cream stand & we were off on an adventure!

Jo-Jo's didn't disappoint either!  They had free baby ice cream cones, so we even let Luke have a tiny bit!  I got a Sundae & Tim got a milkshake, then we got back on the highway.

We got home around 6 that night, unpacked, ate dinner, and went to bed.

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