Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunday was our Fun Day!

Sunday April 17

Sunday morning Tim got up bright & early and headed to church.  I had a BAD night's sleep, so I slept in a bit.

After a while, Luke & I got up, did some housework & then started getting ready for church.

No surprise, we were running late!  Luke was SO close to being asleep when we pulled into the parking garage but he was still awake, so in we went.

I managed to hear 99% of the sermon before I had to take him to the nursery, thanks to Diana helping out with him!  He happily went into the nursery for about 20 minutes at the end of the service.

He LOVES playing with the toys up there, but I have my own issue with USING the facilities when I don't volunteer up there.  I feel badly that I don't donate my time but expect to be able to use the service.  In my opinion, if you use it you should support it.  Maybe I'll see what kind of donations they need or something...then I could get over my hang-up.

Anyway, after church he was REALLY ready for that nap, so I headed out to the van with him & he nursed for about 5 minutes before falling asleep.

We chilled in the car while we waited on Tim to finish up with the break down.  When he finally emerged we headed to Regent to pick up Frankie's truck.

Then we headed to my friend Tabitha's house to pick up this beauty!  It has a small crack on the railing on the side of the slide, and her daughter Lily outgrew it!  

So, being the generous, wonderful friend that she is, she gifted it to Luke!  Happy 18 Month Birthday big-boy!

As soon as we got home, we got it set up in the backyard & he went right to it!  He can climb in & out of the swing all by himself, and when he sits on his knees he can make it swing!

He has a little bit of trouble going up and down the stairs/slide by himself, but I'm sure in a few days he'll have it all worked out!

We're so happy to have a toy for him in the back yard now that he can play on & have fun with, that the dogs hopefully won't chew up!

 After letting Luke play on his new toy for a while, it was time to get ready to head out.  Tim stayed home to work in the kitchen, while Luke & I went to the Fun Forest, at Chesapeake City Park.

We met up with Mandy, Grayson, and Spencer there & had a blast!  Three toddlers at that packed park was kind of crazy, but they all seemed to have a really good time!  There were a few nasty little children there & I actually put my hands on one of them.

This particular girl, was probably about 7 or 8 years old & was just being downright hateful towards Grayson & Spencer, pushing them off of the giant shark and telling them to get away & leave her alone.  They weren't doing anything to be especially annoying & weren't REALLY in her way.

The final straw came when all of the kids were throwing mulch into the shark's mouth, this little girl kept swiping it out & throwing it on the ground.  It was an okay game, but she was being mean about it.  The other kids just kind of ignored her attitude & kept doing it!

BUT, Luke was standing back a little ways, watching the commotion raptly.  I was standing just behind him, but out of arm's reach.  The little girl, swung her arm to get the mulch out of the shark's mouth & stepped back all at the same time & knocked Luke over, HARD, onto the ground, and then almost fell on top of him.

That's when I put my hands on her.  No way was I letting this kid fall on my baby!

Anyway, she didn't seem to mind & they all went back to playing that game, but Mandy & I took our three to play somewhere else....because Grayson decided to start throwing the mulch.

The boys all played in the big sand box for a while & then we all went on the swings for a bit too!

After the swings, we went to this big round seating area, and let the boys play with bubbles.  Mandy got some really great pictures of that!

After the bubble excitement wore off we headed back to the big wooden playgrounds.  Mandy followed the boys around while I walked the perimeter of the play areas, and caught them at the bottom of the slides.  It was a handful keeping up with all three of them, but we had a good time.

I let Mandy handle the picture-taking, since I'm feeling more & more pregnant each day!

At about 5:10 we decided to head out, so we hit the restrooms & then loaded the big boys' car seats into the van.  It took a bit of wiggling, but we figured out the best arrangement!  Grayson went in the MyRide 65 forward facing in the far back passenger side. Spencer went rear facing in his car seat (I'm not sure what it is) behind the driver, and Luke's seat got moved forward a bit, but still rear facing in his Radian 80SL behind the passenger seat.

We drove to Mandy's house then to drop off her car before heading out to Bone Fish in Newport News.

We had dinner with Lindsey (so she could see the boys) which was nice.  I ate a crab cake & some garlic potatoes.  Luke ate his first shrimp.  All of the boys ate & played and colored.  Spencer was the most well behaved of the three!

About 7:30ish, we were done with dinner & headed back to Mandy's house.  We dropped her off, I nursed Luke for a few minutes in the car, and then we headed to Regent to take care of the truck.

Tim met us there & then we went in the van to get gas & him some food.  Only we never got to the food because Frankie had a bit of a snafu on campus.

I left Tim with him to deal with that & headed home with my sleeping baby.

We were both in bed asleep when Tim got home!

I'll update this post with the pictures from Amanda's camera, as soon as I get it from her!

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