Monday, April 18, 2011

22 Weeks Pregnant

So, tomorrow I'll be 22 weeks pregnant!

This crazy surprise pregnancy seems to be blowing past!  (Which is good, considering how sick I've been!)

I'm still dealing with awful morning sickness & the pukey's.  I think today is going to be a medicine day, since I have a lot to do & don't want to be glued to the toilet.

While most people STILL can't tell I'm pregnant (and probably never will be able to) I am definitely FEELING 22 weeks pregnant.

My lower back & hips pretty much ache all the time.  I can feel the spreading & pressure going on down there.

The baby is transverse, with his head on my right side & butt on my left side.  He's folded in half and either has his face pointing straight out at the world or out & down.  I can feel his kicking & swatting with his hands on my right side a lot.  He also sometimes gets some good kicks in, in the direction of my cervix/bladder.  Those are the WORST.

He kicks the seatbelt the entire time I'm in the car (unless its a long highway ride, then he falls asleep!)  If I poke him near his head, he'll kick almost every time.

He kicks when I sing...I'm not sure if that's because he likes hearing my voice when its happy (which it isn't always) or if its because of my awful singing voice!  Ha ha! (I only sing in the presence of my child!  I wouldn't subject anybody else to that torture!)

I get tired easily and can't do a lot of walking or bending or working without having braxton hicks contractions.

It is hard on me to carry Luke and walk any distance at all.  I'm okay if he's in the sling or wrap (for a little while) but the stroller is my best friend.

I'm not sure if I've gained any weight or lost any since my 20 week appointment but I doubt that there has been any gain.

At 18 weeks I was down 19, (because I had gained back 1), but then at my 20 week appointment I had lost another 1.5 lbs, so I guess my total now is -20.5.  I don't have another appointment scheduled until 24 weeks, and if I make it to that appointment without going in early for something being "wrong" it'll be my FIRST monthly appointment!  All of my other appointments, I've been seen before 4 weeks were up!

My next appointment is another ultrasound, to check on the baby's heart & take some more measurements.  Unfortunately, I doubt he'll be in any better of a position, since I'm pretty sure he hasn't moved far.  (It's like he rolls onto his right side, that's about as far as he goes.)

Anyway, the nausea and illness aren't AS bad as they were, but eating & drinking are still a chore & I still feel sick a lot of the time.

Sleeping is uncomfortable, I'm most comfy on my left side, but to snuggle Tim or Luke, I have to lay on my right side.  Switching sides of the bed is not an option, since it will put me further away from the toilet, which is not a good idea!

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