Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday- Easter Egg Hunt: Fail--Easter Egg Dyeing: Success

Today, we got up early (thanks to Luke) and got the house picked up.

Tim went to the bank & then the car dealership to drop off the check to pay for the new van.

We went to Subway for lunch again, since it was Customer Appreciation Day & BOGO on foot long subs!

Then we drove to Virginia Beach for the Easter Egg Hunt hosted by our church.

We were supposed to be meeting Mom, Dad, Mandy, Grayson, Spencer, Chrissy, Brianna, Ashley, Carolynn, James, Missy, Trevor, Tom, and Peggy there.

Mom & Dad were running late.  Chrissy got there with her girls around 11:45 and the kids were already picking up eggs, so she went ahead & let her girls participate.  Tom & Peggy either decided not to come or forgot, so they weren't there.  James, Missy, and Trevor were there, but had done all there was to do & were on their way home before we found them!  Tim saw them as they were headed to their car but we didn't get to spend any time with them. :(  Luke was sound asleep by the time we got there at 12:05.

By the time we parked the car, Chrissy called & said they were out of eggs, so we didn't even get Luke out of the car.  I went down to the field to see the girls & make a plan.  Amanda & the boys arrived around then too.
 I confirmed that there weren't any eggs left & we made plans to go to our house to dye eggs with all the kids.

Everybody loaded back up & we headed out here.  

Mom had picked up 3 dozen eggs & Tim was going to hook up the stove, but then he remembered that he threw out the drip pans, so we couldn't use the stove to boil the eggs!  Chrissy had all her camping gear in the thing on top of her van, though, so she brought in a propane stove!

 While she boiled the eggs, I mixed up 22 cups of dye!  We had a LOT of dye set up but it was worth it because dyeing eggs with 6 kids, 4 of whom were 4 & under, is quite the undertaking!

By 2:30 we were all done, with 35 gorgeous eggs dyed by 6 cool kiddos.

Each of us kept a dozen eggs for our kidlets.  I didn't take a picture of Luke's dozen.  He didn't really get the whole coloring on an egg thing & I ended up letting all the other kids dye one of his eggs each, since they went through theirs so quickly.

We cleaned everything up & then everybody headed out.  (I did shave Tippy's tail for Mom & Dad before they left.)

We vegged for a little while & then I gave Luke a bath to get rid of his "hulk hands" and got him dressed for dinner.

We headed over to Golden Corral for a quick & easy meal and then home.

We've been hanging out (Tim on the PS3, me on the computer, Luke playing with various toys) since we got home and I think we're all heading to bed early, so we can get up early for the Palm Sunday services at church tomorrow.

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