Monday, April 25, 2011

Sunday Update--22 Weeks Preggo & Luke's 18 Months!

Monday April 18

Happy 18 Month Birthday Lucas Wayne Goetsch!!

Monday was our first day having Aaron over for Spring Break.  By 11:30 am it was over 75* outside, so the two boys headed out in the back yard to play.

Luke fell down on the patio & skinned his knee, but it was MINOR, so I just washed it & let him go back to play.  Well, within 5 seconds, he fell AGAIN and this time banged it up really badly.

So, into the house we went to take care of the now bleeding wound.  Nothing I tried calmed him down, so we ended up jumping in the tub.

He enjoyed that & calmed down enough for us to run to Subway for lunch.

At Subway, he ate more than 1/2 of my 6" double turkey & bacon sub!  It's a good thing I wasn't that hungry!

He fell asleep on the car ride home and took a nice nap when we got back.

He & Aaron played outside some more in the early afternoon & then Luke took another nap in the early evening!

I got to cut out some squares for the I-Spy Quilt Square Swap I'm participating in, so that was nice.

For dinner, Luke & I ran to Pizza Hut & got some of their Tuscani pastas.  They had 2 half dishes with bread sticks for only $13, and then I added a personal pepperoni pizza, in case I didn't like the pasta.

It was good though & we all ate well.  After dinner it was bed time.

Tim had gotten one coat of sealant on the grout in the kitchen after work too, so that is coming along.  We're hoping to be ready to install cabinets NEXT weekend. :)

Tuesday April 19

22 Weeks Pregnant

I did not get a good night's sleep & so was pretty cranky on Tuesday morning.  But, we managed to get up & out of the house by 9:30, to head to our 9:30 play-date at Fun Forest.

We ended up arriving at exactly the same time as my friend Sabrina (from Diaperswappers) and her son Caleb.

The two boys didn't really play TOGETHER, but we still had a good time.  It was Caleb's first time at a playground, on a slide, and on a swing.

After the park we rant to Target to get a few things & then headed home.  Luke fell asleep in the car but was woken up too early from his nap.

He also had a runny nose & a fever, so he was a cranky fuss pot.

Aaron & Luke went out to play in the back yard but Luke was just too cranky & by 3:00 I decided we were going for a ride to get him to nap.

We drove out to Amanda's house & picked up the steam cleaner and then drove to the Frederick Blvd. Wal-Mart where Betti works.

Luke had JUST fallen asleep & it was almost 4:00, so we waited until Betti got off & then she & Aaron sat in the car while I ran in to buy carpet cleaning solution.  I also found a Color Wonders Dinosaur Train set on clearance for $5.00, so I picked that up for Luke.

His big-brother gift when the baby is born is going to be a collection of Color Wonders sets to play with.

Then it was time to head home.  We had left-overs for dinner and called it a night.

Wednesday April 20

Wednesday was our day off, so we slept in & then took it easy around the house.  Except, I realized that Luke's hand was quite swollen from when he got STEPPED ON at the playground & bruised.  He wasn't using his ring or pinky fingers & freaked out when I touched them.

So, I made the required calls & arranged for Tim to meet us at CHKD, and we took Luke in for his X-ray.

Tim took Luke back & held him during the x-ray & the resulting tantrum.

It took a long time at the hospital & Tim still needed lunch, so it was pointless for him to go back to work.  So, we drove to the Applebee's near the house & had a good lunch while Luke had a nap.  (actually I didn't eat the lunch, but I did enjoy the Blondie brownie I had!)

Afterwards, we went home & Tim worked in the kitchen.

I had to fight with the doctor's office to get Luke's x-ray results, but they called & said it wasn't broken.  It must be a REALLY bad bruise, though.

We had left-overs for dinner again.

Tim wanted beer & a Slurpee, so I went out without Luke & got those things and then headed home.

Thursday April 21

I cancelled Luke's doctor's appointment (for them to look at his not-broken finger) and worked on housework instead.  The boys played outside until lunch time.

Then they ate lunch & Luke fell asleep.  While he napped I cut out quilt squares!

I've got 130 squares for the swap, 30 squares from E-Bay that are all Disney, and 44 squares of my swap fabrics that are all unique "i-spys".  I also have 6 yards of uncut Blue Jean Teddy fabrics (all different) that I am going to use to make the squares for the border.

After Luke's nap, the boys went back outside to play & I steam cleaned the hall way carpet.  That took me a good part of an hour & Betti showed up just as I was finishing.

She & I visited for a little while & then Mandy showed up right after she left.

Mandy hung out with Luke while I showered & got ready to go & then we headed to the Mall to meet up with Frankie.

They had Sarku Japan for dinner, I had a baked potato (yuck) and most of a chicken sandwich.  Luke refused to eat his chicken nuggets.

Then we went to the pet store & played with a little Bichon Poo puppy.  Luke is too little for a puppy still, so it'll be more than 2 years before we can get one.  We don't NEED a third dog any more than we need holes in our heads, but I'd love to have a LITTLE dog, that can actually be a house pet & not a danger to the kids.  Frankie was 4 or 5 when we got Tippy & that seems about right, but I guess it'll have to be #2 who is 4 or 5, and not Luke.

That would probably be best anyway, since Zowski is going to be 5 this year and Rosie is going to be 4 this year, which means 4 or 5 years from now, they'll be getting on in age.

Anyway, after the mall, Amanda, Luke & I went to Kohl's.  Mandy found a dress shirt that she could buy for $0.80 and I found a Water Wow Thomas the Train activity kit for under $5 and a set of 3 Thomas Bath Tub Squirters (he has one & LOVES it) for about $7, so I got both of those with Mandy's 15% off coupon.

Like the spoiled boy he is, we gave him both last night, though technically we will say the Squirters were for Easter!

On the way home we stopped at Food Lion for some groceries & by the time we got home it was time to settle down for bed.

Friday April 22

I woke up feeling super mega sick.  I got a stuffy nose during the night & it quickly developed into severe post nasal drip & a double ear-ache.

Around about 10:00 am I also got hit with a bad bout of morning sickness and have spent most of the day running back to the bathroom to lose it from one end or the other.  Not fun.

Luke & Aaron attempted to play outside, but since it was only 55* it didn't last long.  Luke fell down & then it started to sprinkle, so in they came.

I managed to get the living room carpet like halfway done before things started going downhill.

In the afternoon, Luke got so cranky I couldn't stand it any more, so we loaded up in the car and went for a ride.

Luke fell asleep before I could even get to McDonald's to get him some nuggets, but Aaron & I ate.  Then we drove around a bit & headed towards Dairy Queen.  Aaron & I also got some ice cream while Luke slept.

Then we headed home & Luke woke up, earlier than I would have liked.

Fortunately, he was happy enough to play with Aaron in the back of the house while I finished the living room, so the carpets were completely done when Tim & Betti got home!

I made egg salad from Luke's easter eggs for dinner, so we stayed in.  I went to bed at 7:15!  Luke came to bed at 8 & I think Tim was in bed before 10:30!

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