Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sunday Update--April 16-18

Monday April 16

Luke & I did our thing around the house, totally forgot that we had a lunch date with Rachel, and then went grocery shopping in the evening.

We did have Grayson & Spencer that day & they both played outside with Luke for nearly two hours.  When they came in, I put them all in the bubble bath & then ALL THREE of them took a nap at the same time!

Tuesday April 17

We had Grayson & Spencer again on Tuesday, but the weather wasn't AS nice, so they only played outside for about an hour.  They also didn't nap afterwards.  Oh well.

I got some squares cut out for the I-Spy Quilt Square shop I am participating in.

Wednesday April 18

We did our normal thing during the day on Wednesday & then Peggy picked Luke & I up when she got off of work.

(Luke also had therapy, but he didn't eat much and we decided to just stay on consult, until we've figured out his weight gain issues.)

We went to our class, "Time Starved Marriage" for church & enjoyed our last session with two great couples a lot.

After class, we went to Cheeseburger in Paradise for some awesome crab dip & some not-so-awesome dinner.

Then it was bedtime!

The rest of the week-weekend will get its own posts!

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