Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sunday Update-19 Weeks Pregnant & 17 months Old

Sunday March 27
We ended up cleaning house most of the day & generally being pretty lazy on me, Carolynn, and Luke's part.  Tim was super productive after an early-afternoon nap and got all the tile in the kitchen measured & cut!!  Now he just needs to actually "lay" it & then the kitchen will be like 90% ready for the cabinets to go in!  Amen!

He still needs to touch up the paint & do all the prep work to the cabinets.

Around 5:40, Luke & I headed to the GB Mall to go to the play-place, only we forgot that the mall closes at 6 on Sundays, so that was a bust.  So, instead we went to McDonald's & got Luke some nuggets, then DQ to get me some ice cream & then we drove to the grocery store to get dinner.  Only, Luke fell asleep on the way there, so instead we went home & picked Tim up to go with us to the store.

We got deli fresh salads & then headed home to eat & watch t.v. together.  Luke ate a bunch of fruit for dinner!

Monday March 28

Tuesday March 29
19 Weeks Pregnant
When I woke up, my throat was hurting.  Luke and I had to get ready to go & take Tim to work since Luke had a 9 am doctor's appointment.  We managed to get out of the house on time & dropped Tim off with plenty of time to get to Suffolk.

Luke's appointment went well, considering, that he only gained 5 ounces in the last 2 months. :(  So, I have mixed opinions, while I KNOW it is possible & normal that he is just at a plateau and because he's so ACTIVE all the time, he is just burning off what he eats, I am still worried about him not growing.

He is a TINY little guy, in the 3% for weight now according to the WHO Breastfed Babies charts and OFF the charts according to the doctor's office.  I'm not sure where he is for height, but he's 29 1/2 inches tall, with no growth there since his birthday either.  His feet did grow 1/2 a size since his birthday!

Dr. C did say that as long as he maintains a curve, even if it is his own "off the charts" curve, then she would be okay because he is otherwise perfectly healthy.  BUT, she still thinks we should follow up with the GI and that a supplement is needed to ensure that he grows.

We are 'testing' his allergies here at home.  I'm scared to give him straight milk or straight soy, so I'm going to start with testing gluten.  We'll get some dairy/soy free bread & let him have as much as he wants.  Assuming he doesn't react to that, it'll open up a little bit of wiggle room in his diet.  Then, we'll have to buck up & give him some cow's milk...

After the doctor's appointment, Luke napped while we drove to Virginia Beach.  We met up with Mom, Dad, Frankie, and Amanda at the Chic Fil A near Regent & ate lunch.

Then, Amanda, Luke, and I headed to "Pigtails & Crewcuts" to get Luke's first ever haircut!  He was so well-behaved & their shop is worth every penny!  The "worst" he did was push the stylist's hands away as she was trying to work, which she just worked right around!  I uploaded ALL of the pictures to Facebook, so I'll only post a couple of the really good ones here.

The first cut--his long curls!

Leave my hair alone lady!

He actually said, "Stop!" Which shocked the stylist!

Rare moment playing with the airplane chair!

Being cute!

A few after shots playing with their train table.  (I'm glad he liked it, he's getting one for his birthday!)

After his haircut, we went to Trader Joe's.  We got some hemp milk for him to try & let him taste Goat's milk.  We all agreed the Goat's Milk was yucky!  Luke actually spit it out. :(

Then we drove around so he could nap and we waited for Mandy's Envoy to be done at the tire shop.

After we dropped Mandy off, we headed home.  I was going to go to the store & get dinner, but Luke was still asleep, so I headed home & hung out in the driveway while he finished a LONG nap.

Tim worked in the kitchen & I ran to McDonald's with Luke to get some easy & cheap dinner.  I couldn't eat though.

Wednesday March 30
We had a bad night overnight and in the morning I KNEW I was sick.  Within an hour of waking up, I called Tim and told him I thought I had strep.  He couldn't come home so I was stuck.  No ride, no way to get to the doctor's and MISERABLE.

By 2:30, I couldn't stand the pain anymore, I could barely breathe my throat & mouth were so sore.  I was puking up blood because I'd vomited so many times & I really needed to get to the doctor's.  So, I called Tim & his Mom and made arrangements to get to Patient First, ASAP.

The 10 minute rapid strep test came back positive (no duh!) and the doctor gave me a prescription for Ammoxicillin.  I guess that's not what they normally use, but he said it was safest with me being pregnant.

Peggy stayed at home with Luke while we were at the doctor's (in and out in about an hour) so we swung by Dunkin Donuts and grabbed some dinner and then headed home.

Peggy stayed with Luke while Tim went to Wal-Mart to get water & humidifier filters, and I slept.

Thursday March 31
We had another bad night and I did not want to get up.  Fortunately the medicine was helping by the 3rd dose so I wasn't a total zombie.

Luke and I pretty much hung around the house & did our thing all day.

Then, when Tim got home, we got dressed & headed out.  We went first to McDonald's for Luke's nuggets, then to Wal-Mart for some groceries & Easter basket goodness, and finally to 5 Guys Burgers & Fries and Firehouse Subs for dinner.  We brought the dinner home to eat with Tim & then after supper it was bedtime!

Friday April 1
Our shorties from Katie on Diaperswappers arrived!  We were so excited that even though it was cold out, I dressed Luke in them right away!

Saturday April 2
We had a super busy, crazy, long day.

Tim got up with Aaron again & then I got up & got Luke & I ready to go.  We had to be at Deep Creek Middle for the Little League opening ceremony by 9 am.

It was COLD out, like about 40* and so we were mega-bundled up but I still shivered.  Luke seemed okay in his stroller.  Aaron seemed to have a good time too!

He did have a hat on, but by the time I took this it had warmed up a bit & he took it off.

From the opening ceremony, we went to the PO to mail a couple packages & then to Petsmart to get dog food.  The boys had a good time looking at all the animals.

Then we went to CiCi's to get some lunch.  

After lunch we headed to Wal-Mart to get some groceries.

We took home the groceries and got Aaron's baseball stuff before heading out to Virginia Beach, by way of Regent University.  

Frankie followed us to the Goodwill Store in VB to help Peggy & Beth pick up a new dining room table & chairs set.  

Then we dropped that off at their house & rushed to lead Frankie back to the college, before getting Aaron to his baseball game at 4:00.  

I stayed with Aaron & helped him with his swing until Betti got there.  Then we beat-feet because it started raining again!

When we got home, we were all worn out!  I can't remember what we did for dinner or anything!

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