Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sick Baby & Shopping

Luke started to feel not-so-great on Sunday...he was all squeaky and sounded congested, even though he never coughed or sneezed.  By Monday, however, he was in full blown sick-baby mode.  We didn't do much besides clean house, snuggle, and relax.

Tuesday, Luke had occupational therapy with Ms.Dana.  It was the third week in a row he was eating solid food & baby food, both from his "toothbrush" and from a spoon.  He also learned how to drink from a straw on Thanksgiving, so he's been doing that for about a week now too!  I think his days of OT are numbered!  Yay!

Yesterday, Luke was in RARE FORM, he was just not having a good day at all.  Although his sickies seem to be gone, he was cranky, fussy, and wouldn't eat well.  Beth came over to help out so I could sew, but with Luke acting so rotten I wasn't able to get much more than cutting done.  Oh well.  At least I got the cutting out part done, I can' t do that when Luke is awake at all (he loves scissors!) so, every little bit counts!

I spent most of Tuesday & Wednesday shopping online for new woolies.  I was selling the October Morning pants I had made for his birthday & I had a couple trades I was working out as well.  The October Morning longies were on bulky gaia, a yarn that I'm pretty sure I just dislike, when comparing it to Mountain Meadow Ramboulet it just can't hold up.  MMR is SO sturdy & easy peasy to take care of!

(Luke is tearing something up, I can hear him in the living room.  I am going to let him continue, so I can finish this post!)

Anyway, I had to DRASTICALLY reduce my price (I paid $99, was asking $80, and sold them for $55) but I did eventually sell them.  That's how it goes with custom wool, you NEVER recoup all of your money.  (I think besides a couple special pairs, we are done with custom wool!)

(It was wrapping paper, he was trying to get out the guitar for Rock Band.)

So, I had money to spend on wool & that was exciting.  I've been working with only three pairs all fall so it will be nice to finally have a decent stash of 8 pairs when all is said & done.

It was hard though, because there is so much out there, I'm picky, and I had a tight budget to work with.

In the end, I decided to splurge & get these Mosaic Moon Birthday Boy on Cestari longies from a well-known seller on Diaperswappers.  It was hard to pass up the others, but I'm sure I will love this pair!

(Small crisis--I'm out of server space for uploading images to my blog. :( )

Through all of my wheelin & dealing, I managed to get quite a bit.

I am currently waiting on:

An iPad cover, bought off of Amazon w/ Swagbucks gift cards
a Puddlefoot Homegrown Tee (should match these longies) that I won on Black Friday
a Sugar Plum Fairy ornament that I won on Black Friday
a pair of Steelers black & gold longies
4 Bamboo prefolds & 2 diapers 
AliOop Wool Wash Wondercubes (2 oz) and Lanolin Spray (4oz) in Monkey Farts scent
Birthday Boy longies
My Cirilo Purewool Longies (you'll remember this pair, they were shorties & I am having them turned into longies)
My Georgia Sunrise Cestari Longies (same here, shorties into longies)
A gift for someone else

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