Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas & by the way, I'm pregnant!

Well, it's been a week since I posted...and I was doing so well!

 I've been itching to get over here & write this post, but couldn't, because I've been keeping a secret!  And, I SUCK at keeping secrets!  So, anyway, now everyone knows and I can make it "blog & Facebook official"!

Yep, you got it, Luke's going to be a big brother!  We're pregnant!  We are still unsure about how far along I am, but we're thinking its still pretty early, with Tuesday Dec. 28 being about 6-7 weeks.  Let me tell you the whole story!

Last Friday, Dec. 17, I was busy getting ready for the holidays.  I made a thread on Diaperswappers to post & share to-do lists to get support and motivation.  Only all of my posts were about how exhausted and not-motivated I was!  

One of the mamas on there, suggested that I take a pregnancy test, just in case.  I had picked some up that week because I knew we were getting close to the 30 day mark for my cycle (I chart, but not well, since I'm still irregular due to breastfeeding).  So, around 2 in the afternoon, I went for it.

At first the test had a FAINT pink positive line...and I thought I was staring too hard.  So I left it for a few minutes & posted on DS & my FB group for my Due-Date-Group-Moms from Luke.  When I checked it again it was definitely positive.  To rule out some kind of fluke, I took another one!  

Positive again.  

I briefly contemplated waiting until Christmas to tell Tim, but when I called the doctor & they could get me in on Monday, I decided I should tell him.  So, I called him at work.  I said guess what, I got one of my presents today (Mom & Dad had brought me 2 new bras!) so I'm going to give you one.  I'm pregnant!  

He said I was joking!  Ha ha! I busted up into hysterical half-laughing/half-crying and said, no I'm really not.  I'm pregnant!  

He was like, Um, ok.  So, yea, that was that.

That night was the Christmas Party for the worship team and we announced to them that we were expecting. 

I can't remember anything from Dec. 18  

Luke & I did manage to go to church on Sunday, Dec. 19, which was nice.  After church Tim went shopping on his own, while Amanda & I took Luke shopping in Chesapeake Square.  

We got home around 4:20 and I cut Tim's hair, then we all got ready to head to Loren and Heather's wedding.  They were married at her parents' home in Suffolk in a short, sweet, and simple ceremony.  

Monday Dec. 20, was the day of my doctor's appointment, so Tim stayed home from work to go with me.  I had my normal health specs taken & I'd already lost about 5 lbs since Nov. 16, which was the last time I'd been to the doctor.  Doctor Morgan checked me but couldn't tell how far along I am, so we did a blood beta hCG test.  
After the doctor's appointment Tim went to work and I took Luke shopping for a bit before heading home to relax. 

Tuesday Dec. 21, Luke was really sick and not eating so I cancelled his therapy appointment.  Luke's big boy car seat arrived!  

 Wednesday Dec. 22-
I've got nothing.  I'm pretty sure Luke's fifth tooth (top left) was in by this day!

Thursday Dec. 23-
Tim took a sick day.  We have all had the sickies & Luke has been cutting teeth on top of it all!  It's been a nasty sick week!  

In the morning, Tim took Luke to Game Stop to trade in all of our video game stuff.  He was able to get enough credit to only have to spend a little out of pocket to get a PS 3 & Need for Speed 5.  He's been really wanting it & I wasn't able to get him much for Christmas, so that was his "big gift".  

They also went to the bank & ran a couple other errands.  While they were gone I got a bunch of the housework done!

We spent the entire day getting ready for Christmas Eve at Mom & Dad's house.  I had sewing to do, there was wrapping to do, we had stuff to clean and more.  I think it was around 11 pm when we finally all went to bed.  


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Congrats, Stephanie!! I'm so happy for you and Tim. Luke's going to be an awesome big brother!