Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas with the Covato Family

We spent Christmas Eve morning at Mom & Dad's house, celebrating Christmas with them & the kids.

Being cute on the 23rd night.

Just a couple shots of the tree piled high with presents for 5 children and 8 adults!

Luke getting so excited as I was piling his presents up!

And then getting overwhelmed by all the noise!

Carolynn ripping into her doll house.

Luke checking out his awesome gift bag from Great Aunt Nunny & Great Uncle Bill

I think he approves of the Toy Story 3 DVD/Blu Ray/Digital combo pack!

He said, TRAIN!  

And then refused to put it down when it was time to open the next present!

Carolynn getting her ponies!

Ah, he finally got the Little People set open!! Look Daddy!

A quick shot of the big kids in progress.

Oh so delicately ripping the paper off & PLACING it on the floor.  That's mama's little neat freak!

Carolynn was SUPER excited by the Princess paper on this package!

The big kids just about done with their presents!

Luke still SLOWLY making his way through his pile!

Brianna was happy to get her own PURPLE duct tape wallet!

Can you check out those piles of goodies.  The big kids were seriously spoiled!

Luke checking out the My First Storyreader, this one is kind of a flop, but maybe he'll like it when he's older.

Carolynn, bringing me her doll house back yard to check out.  She showed me almost all of her presents.  I love that kid!

Mom's face as she first reads the picture of Luke.

And Mom & Dad finally putting it together--We're expecting!  I think they look surprised enough, don't you? We're all so excited & I think as simple as the picture idea was, it worked out nicely!

Happy Christmas from the Covato Crew!

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