Thursday, December 9, 2010

Luke loves his Pap

Thursday Dec. 9

Pap stopped by today @ 2:30.  It was a completely surprise visit and Luke was pretty shy.  He did let Pap hold him a bit & eventually started playing with him.

However, the best part came after Pap left...Luke wouldn't give or blow kisses...he wouldn't even WAVE to Pap.

As soon as the door closed, Luke BURST into tears, ran at the door and started pounding on it.  I opened it up to show him that he was gone & then he started squirming to get down.  So I put him down on the floor.

He slumped to the ground and flailed his back out, pretty much throwing himself onto the floor.  Then, while screaming, he began to throw the biggest hugest loudest most obnoxious tantrum I've ever seen!

He didn't want Pap to leave. :(

Anyway, he'll be back tomorrow, so I'll try to make sure I get some pictures!  (Maybe his Steeler's longies will arrive & he can rock them in the pictures!)

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