Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Baby Kisses

I love baby kisses.

This morning, Luke was so happy as he woke up and we snuggled for a few minutes.  He was laying flat on his back & I was on my right side beside him.  Every now and then, he'd reach up with both hands, plant them on the sides of my cheeks and squish & pull my head down to his level, just so that he could land a big old wet drooly smacker of a kiss on my lips!  It was PERFECT.

Those are the Mama-Moments that I live for!

He still kisses with his mouth wide open, which is kind of gross, especially when he gets a little suction going before pulling away for the next kiss!  BUT, I love it.

Kissing is one of the things Luke "lost" in our funeral trip to Colorado.  He only started doing it again about a week ago.  I'll never know exactly why Luke lost so many of his developmental milestones after that trip, but I sure am happy when he gets them back!  (Our theory is that the emotions, daily travel (2 hours & several thousand feet in elevation), and new people were just too much for his system and so he "lost" those skills or put them in the back of his mind so that he could cope better with all that was going on.)

Here are a couple pictures of the sweet boy during his nap today.

Anyway, I just wanted to remember this sweet sweet morning and my most perfect baby kisses!

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