Thursday, December 9, 2010

Play Date with Matti!

Really quickly, this morning, Luke was super cute as he was lounging in bed watching his Wiggles.

This evening, LaToya & her handsome son Matti came over for a play-date.  It was a good time!  Matti is one month younger than Luke & they play together SO well!  LaToya is one of the moms from my "Due Date Group" on Diaperswappers.  I often begin sentences, "one of my due-date-group-moms ....." and she is one of those lucky Due in Nov. '09 ladies!

The boys played & played while LaToya & I chit-chatted away the evening.  When it was just about time to go home, LaToya & I got down to business to work out a trade we're doing.  I'm fairly sure I'm making out like a bandit here, but it's all good!

Matti, playing ball

Matti, Luke in background

Bucket-head Luke

Matti, crawling after something

More bucket-head Luke

Weird out-take..who's eye is that?  I don't know, but "we'll" be watching you!

LaToya asked me if I would sew for her, longies, shorties, soakers, diapers, and wipes, in exchange for her wool stash and possibly some shorties!  

As I am DESPERATELY longing to learn to knit to decrease the cost of MY wool stash (I mean, Luke's longies & shorties....) I was eager to take her up on the offer.  

In January, I'm going to be taking a "Learn to Knit" class at a local yarn store (LYS hereafter).  I'm also going to start going to the "Stitch & Bitch" club that they run twice a week.  I'll be able to knit or crochet & get help/guidance/support from others who enjoy yarn crafts!  (I won't be going twice a week, they just offer it 2x a week.  I'll be lucky to go once a month.)  

So, in addition to several yards of flannel and a single scrap of the original Ooga Booga LaToya left me her wool stash!

Mosaic Moon Kirkland 8oz + Scraps


Woof w/ Trim

Kirkland Shorties

Same Yarn Different Pictures
Two Gray Yarns

Two MM Colorways w/ Trim color in Middle

Colorway in Middle, W/ Two Semi Solid Browns on Ends

Light Blue/Light Brown on Peruvian Wool

Same Light Blue & Light Brown as above w/ Paton's?? Colorway

MM Kirkland Yarn, Black Trim, Shorties

Collage with all of the goodies!

Collage with the goodies in groups!

Fun times, fun times.  I'll enjoy the sewing & eventually the knitting, so its a Win-Win for me!

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