Thursday, December 16, 2010

Quickie Update-14 Months

On Friday, Luke will officially be 14 months old!

He says Mom, Dad, dog, ball, bird.  He repeats EVERYTHING.  He has said Carolynn, So pretty, I did it, Dana, Mandy, All done, Stephanie, Tim, and more!

He signs milk, more, mom, all done. He understands the signs for jump and yucky.

He can walk & run.  He can also CLIMB!

He wears a size 18-24 months tops and 12-18 months bottoms.  We are getting ready to buy him new shoes because he JUST outgrew his size 3 1/2 wide Stride Rites.

He LOVES music.  He jams out on his Pop Tunes guitar (Thanks James, Missy, and Trevor).  He loves his drum (thanks Dad).  He even plays his xylophone, harmonica, and tambourine!  For Christmas he is getting the Pop Tunes piano.  And we plan on putting him in Kindermusic in February.

His favorite things to watch on the t.v. are the Wiggles & Toy Story.  I think I heard a rumor that he's getting Toy Story 3 for Christmas.

He likes to eat chicken, avacado, bananas, Whole-Os, and veggie straws.  He is pretty picky.  He will occasionally eat baby food but not always.

He is still reacting to soy and gluten.  So far he has been okay with the dairy I have reintroduced into my diet. BUT, get this, I don't like milk anymore.  Not even chocolate milk!  Crazy.

He doesn't sleep through the night, but he does take two 2 hour naps during the day.  His schedule goes pretty much like this:

7-8 am: Up for the day, eats a snack
8-9 am: (an hour after wake up) eats breakfast
9-10am: (2 hours after wake up) bath & get dressed
10-11am: (3 hours after wake up) nurse & nap
11-1pm: Nap
1pm: lunch & then play time
3-4:00 nurse & snuggle, if its closer to 4, he'll take a 2 hour nap, if not he skips it
6:30: dinner
7:30: get ready for bed
8:30: nurses & bed
11:30-12:30: wake up to nurse
2:30-4:30: wake up to nurse & get in Mom & Dad's bed
7:00 am: start over!

Wednesday Dec. 15
Carolynn, Luke, and I all hung out around the house during the day.

Carolynn was playing on the living room floor & Luke walked up behind/beside her & wrapped his arms around her and gave her a hug!  It was SO cute!

In the evening we headed out to Chic Fil A in Virginia Beach to do a fundraiser for an old college friend.  She's battling breast cancer & I wanted to help out in a small way.

After that, Beth met us & we went grocery shopping at Super Wal-Mart.

Late at night, I ordered Luke's "big boy" seat online.  He is getting the Radian 80SL.  It rearfaces to 45 lbs and forward faces to 80 lbs with the harness!  Its one of the best, longest lasting seats on the market.  It also is guaranteed to fit 3 across in a mid-size car and folds in half for travel!  Yay!  I'm really excited about it!

Tuesday Dec. 14 
After Luke went down for his nap, Luke, Grams, and I headed out to Mandy's work.  We were dropping Grams off there with Mom.
After we did that we headed home to relax for a little bit.
Around 3:00 we headed to the Post Office, Rock a Bye Baby, and Tom & Peggy's.
Tom got to play with Luke quite a lot, even though his cancer is back & his blood counts are all really low.
From there we went to Brianna's school for her recital, but we ended up having to leave before she performed.  Carolynn got to come home with us!
After we left there we headed to church for a meeting.  Luke & Carolynn both went into the nursery and had a great time!

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