Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve & Christmas Morning at Home

After we left Mom & Dad's house, we headed home.  Luke was feeling pretty miserable and we all needed a nap, so we pretty much just lazed around the house.

Around 4:15, Tim headed into church to set up for the Christmas Eve service.  Luke and I stayed home and got the house picked up, the last few presents wrapped, and all the little things taken care of.

We had already opened our "Christmas Eve" traditional "Auntie & Uncle" presents, so we didn't open any gifts.

Same picture, different crops.  I really liked this picture of Luke & Tim snuggling on Christmas Eve.

On Christmas Morning, Luke slept until 8 am (he's been getting up between 7:30 and 8 pretty consistently) and woke up in a good mood! 

The three of us got cleaned up a bit and then went to start opening presents.

A couple different angles of the presents under the tree.  Luke was quite spoiled this year too & got so many nice things!

Still half asleep, not quite sure.  

The second present made noise, he got a LITTLE more into it.

Daddy wrapped one of Luke's presents in the PURPLE & PINK paper.  Silly Dad.

Mom's turn to help out.

A Sit n Spin.  He is technically too young for this.  It says Over 1 on the box, but he has NO idea how to use it properly.  Instead he likes to stand on it & twist, which if we're not careful is going to lead to a head injury, I think!

Helping Daddy open one of his for a little change of pace!

Ah, my PIANO.  Thanks guys!  (He's been playing with it in the box for so long he didn't know what to do when we took it out of the packaging!)

A couple cute shots of Luke & Daddy playing with his new Thomas the train sets & rug.  Luke LOVES his trains.  He is a little young for the tracks we got him, but he likes to watch Daddy & Mommy push the trains around them &he attempts to play with them himself.  He does enjoy driving his trains, saying "Choooo chooooo chooo" on the rug from Grandma & Pap.  

Mommy got knitting accessories, thread, and a thread rack.  Daddy got tools.  

It took us about an hour & a half to open gifts and then we started our day.  We had breakfast, showers, and nursed Luke down for a nap, before heading over to Tom & Peggy's for the rest of the day.  

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