Sunday, December 5, 2010


On the Way & In the Works

Replacement Block from Melissa & Doug

My Georgia Sunrise Cestari Longies (trading for custom sewing)

Foggy Mountain Coveralls Knit by Stephy4632 on DS w/ matching earflap hat 
on MM October Evening (cestari)

Buttons from Tessa Ann


An iPad cover, bought off of Amazon w/ Swagbucks gift cards
a Puddlefoot Homegrown Tee (should match these longies) that I won on Black Friday
a Sugar Plum Fairy ornament that I won on Black Friday
AliOop Wool Wash Wondercubes (2 oz) and Lanolin Spray (4oz) in Monkey Farts scent
A gift for someone else
a pair of Steelers black & gold longies & 4 Bamboo prefolds & 2 diapers (traded for 24 yellow GMDs & aristocrat soaker)
Bottombumpers Replacement Shell
1 Yard All Green Ooga Booga
1 Yard Fall Ooga Booga
My Cirilo Purewool Longies & scrap yarn(traded BG Es)
Embroidered names on bamboo fleece scraps
Birthday Boy longies (bought on FSOT)
Wool sweater to turn into longies (for DS Nov. Winner)
Diaper Cut of Spring Ooga Booga
3 NB Nanipoos & 3 Hemp Inserts (trading for 2 fleece pants & 2 diapers)
Luke's Big Boy Car Seat

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