Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sunday Update

I figured if I am going to stay caught up I better get this done, even though I have a migraine, so here goes!

Wednesday June 30
 I took Tim to work so that Luke and I could have the car.  We got an early start & we were at Tom & Peggy's around 8:20.  I had been super mega sick to my stomach (from both ends!) the night before & the only reasons we could come up with were 1.pregnant, 2. overate on cheese-less pizza, or 3. overate on cookies w/ dairy in them & was having a reaction myself  So, the first thing I did at Tom & Peggy's was to take a pregnancy test to get that out of the way.  Negative.  Trust me this is not how I'd be announcing it if I were indeed pregnant again!

(On a side note, our only birth control right now is prayer!  Ha ha, it wouldn't be the end of the world if we get pregnant & I can't take hormonal BC of any kind.  I can't chart to use NFP because I don't get 3 hours of sleep in a row.)

Then Luke & I spent about 2 hours relaxing at their house, I watched t.v. and snoozed on the couch while Luke played with toys on the floor.  He also nursed off and on a couple times.  About 10:15 we headed over to his 11 am appointment.  We were early and got called right in!  We had to wait a few minutes to actually see Dr. K (a great GI if you ever need one!)  I gave him Luke's history, starting with the episodes on Mother's Day & he suggested Sandifer's before I even finished telling my tale.  So we discussed the best way to handle giving Luke his meds and changed his Zantac dose to 3 times a day instead of 2 and that was that.

I had to nurse Luke in the car before I could head home and I was still feeling pretty queasy to my stomach, so I cancelled my plans with Melanie for swimming & then headed home.

At home, Luke and I pretty much just took it easy.

In the afternoon we headed out to pick Tim up from work & then to church for New Member Orientation.  That was pretty short & sweet and afterwards we headed to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.

Luke was talking up a storm and had the attention of all the guests dining around us!

We left there with full tummies and with all of us ready for bed!

Thursday July 1
Luke and I slept in a little later than I wanted to and Tim forgot that we had to take him to work again, so our morning was a little rough.  We got it all figured out & headed off to the base.

After we dropped Tim off, Luke & I headed to Target.  We got some laundry & dish detergent & some more Medela Tender Care Lanolin (what I use to pump w/ & @ $10 a pop that's no small thing!)  and then headed to Luke's 10 am therapy appointment.  The plan was to get there plenty early, so that Luke could nurse & get "warmed up" before therapy.

We did pretty well & Ms. Kerry & Ms. Kate were both VERY happy to see Luke do his version of the army crawl, pivot, transition from kneeling to sitting and more!

After therapy, we headed home to wait until it was time to pick Tim up.

We picked Tim up from work at 4 and headed to Farm Fresh to get some stuff for dinner.  Then we went to Tom & Peggy's house and fixed our dinner.  We ate really quick before we headed to church.

We had our Sermon Small Group w/ Rachel & Garrett.  It was Rachel's birthday, so I had a small piece of cake. After that Tim had to run sound & Luke & I went to Tom & Peggy's again.  He needed a nap and to nurse, so I hung out there during church.

Tom picked Tim up from church & when they got back we all headed home.

Friday July 2
Friday was a lay at home and try to get something done while recovering from not-enough-rest-last-night kind of day.
Tim went to work.  I made spaghetti for dinner.  Dad drove down, but we didn't see him.

Saturday July 3
We spent today cleaning house, grocery shopping, visiting with Dad, cutting the grass, making homemade pizza & donuts, and relaxing a bit.  Luke had a taste of homemade donut (no sugar) and he liked it!  (Of course, who doesn't like fried dough.)

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