Thursday, July 15, 2010

Birthday Party 101-An Introduction

Our first decision was to decide how BIG we wanted this thing to be and who were we going to invite.  As we compiled a guest list of just family, family & close friends, family +close friends+ church friends+ extended family...we realized we were going to be having a LARGE party!  Our guest list contains over 50 people with about 1/2 being immediate family! 

Wowzer...throwing a huge first birthday is a serious undertaking!  It is not for the faint of heart!  I started dreaming of Luke's first birthday around about the time he was 2 weeks old!  Hee hee...but I truly started planning at about 6 months old.  We want this to be an amazing birthday that truly honors our son's first year!

This one is easy enough, we just picked the Saturday closest to Luke's actual birthday.  Fortunately for us, it doesn't conflict with any holidays & our venue is available.  (October 16--in case you didn't get a Save the Date & wanted one!)

So, our venue was the next decision.  Finding a party spot for 50+ people, compatible with a one-year old's birthday & our budget was difficult.  I called lots of places...such as the recreation centers, Kangaroo Jacks (and other similar locations), Chuck E Cheese's, bowling alleys, and our church.  A lot of them were promising but only the church gymnasium really fit the bill for what we're looking for.  We'll have PLENTY of space, a PA system to run music through, a slideshow screen for showing baby pictures, tables, chairs, a set-up/break-down crew, and a safe, familiar location.

For us, the motivation is to get all of our friends & family together to celebrate & reminisce about our son's amazing, trying first year of life.  We can look forward to many more years of celebrating and watching him grow.  I want it to be a BIG special event because I want to show how much this little person has changed our lives.  To me there is no question as to WHY Lucas deserves an over-the-top party.

Ah, that is the most important one right?  Well, that's where I hope to go with this little series of posts.  Come along with me as I plan, create, and throw Lucas' Amazing First Birthday Bash!  Hopefully you'll come away with ideas for smart party shopping, creating your own birthday magic, and making your little one's day special (no matter how old they are!)

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